SteemPeak Release - Update v1.11

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We are happy to announce a new release of SteemPeak. With this release we started the roll-out of some new features that are now possible thanks to Hivemind. It's important to notice that we are not using the standard features provided by Hivemind, but instead we are building our own integrations on top of it to provide some custom and personalized views.

In this release the new API power the new Steem News page and a custom filter available in the Feed to view only posts from your favorites accounts. Of course we plan to expand on these features in the future and it will be now much easier to do so now that we have the basic building blocks in place ;)

Also with this release we started to integrate Steem Engine better and support to other features will be available in the upcoming releases.

The new release is now live at


New Features:

A quick recap of the new features included in this release:

- An option to show only posts from your favorite accounts in your feed
- A new Steem News page where we try to bring you contents from accounts that post news relative to Steem
- 3speak video are now embedded by default both in the feed and in the post page
- Allow transfer of Steem-Engine tokens directly from the Wallet page
- Details on the staked Steem Engine tokens are included in the Wallet
- Considering that lot of users registered a SNAX account we integrated the SNAX balance directly in the Wallet
- Allow youtube embed video to start at a specified time
- The option to filter resteem from your feed is now available also on mobile
- As always some bugfixes and improvements here and there :)

Input to make the News page even better will be much appreciated. Please read this post for further details and let us know if you have suggestions on the accounts that should be included in the daily news feed.


Now's probably a nice time to remind you that we run a witness server to help process the blocks for the Steem Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on out profile page: @steempeak
Vote on the witness page:

This works for all witnesses BTW

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to copy paste the Active Key at least

The SteemPeak Team

About us:
Join us on Discord:

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Knocking it out of the park, gents (and @r00sj3) :)


sweet ;)

These are great features! I'm going to start using steempeak more. I think that adding Snax balance and being able to transfer Steem Engine tokens is great congratulations to the team!

(Just as a quick feedback, you misspelled Steem a couple of times.)

Greetings from Mexico.

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Glad you like the new features ...and thanks for the misspell alert (hopefully I fixed them all now) :D

I am glad you are working on Steem-Engine. So will you be able to deposit and withdraw on SteemPeak to Steem Engine.
So far when I have signed into my SteemEngine account the normal way I have not been able to deposit or withdrawal FreeEx, AFIT or SCT.
The only available deposit/withdrawal I believe is Steem anSBD and maybe BTC🙃

Sounds like it's time to get more acquainted with Steem Peak.

This looks awesome!!!!!!! Trying it today 😃


Which update is the awesomest for you?


Definitely the one that allows you to filter your view to see.content from favorites!!!!

I've been wondering why no one has done that yet hehehehe

Excited to see how it works!

awesome! any plans to integrate posting via PALnet?

Nice! I'm loving that we'll have a custom filter and Steem Engine directly in the wallet. Thanks for your work, y'all!

Looking forward to use steempeak more often!

Steempeak has been my favorite interface for Steemit. Great looking interface and I love the layout on the page. If you haven't tried Steempeak yet, I highly recommend this interface!

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Going to start using SteemPeak now... amazing changes and need to check them!

Thanks team/

Peace V!

Keep up the great work!

Very nice! Thanks for all you do.

Thank you for this valuable post. This looks an important improvement

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Hey, great improvements, guys: you really always rock!

You well deserve an iced !BEER

Ressteemd - Cheers! 🍻

This is perhaps my favorite steemit interface and I use it just about every day.

I do request though, that can you add a feature to search for articles from authors with a certain steam power or reputation? (*like search for authors who have a steam power of 32 - 200, or reputation below 40) I find it difficult to find new authors, or undervalued authors as their content gets pushed way down. I like to be able to discover these more easier and help curate good stuff.

You Rock Steempeak!


That's actually an amazing feature...that would be so helpful to support newbies!!!
Great idea!

Nice post @steempeak

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Hi, @steempeak, I am from @SnaxTeam. Cool initiative, but unfortunately the SNAX balance in your wallet is displayed incorrectly. For example This user are not even registered in Snax. Please check correctness of your wallet work. And please contact with us in Discord


Hi, thanks for pointing this out. I've already noticed this issue in the morning and a fix should be available now. Going to send this message on Discord too ;)

Congratulations @steempeak!
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