SPAM FIGHTING OPTION: Following the Author Recommended IGNORE settings. (You choose)

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Many of our users don't face a lot of spam or harassment but we know there are some issues on steem so we're looking at ways the front end can handle it and still keep the controls in the hands of the users.


Presently on the end user gets to decide so much of their experience.

  • Viewing style
  • Pop-out panel yes/no
  • Image slider
  • Night mode
  • Sorting order of the comments
  • Which notifications are important
  • NSFW yes/no
  • Who you want to give a beneficiary to.
  • Whether you want a default beneficiary to @steempeak

I think we're all kind of fed up with being forced to consume how and what FB/Instagram decide.
@SteemPeak loves giving YOU options to decide from.

DEFAULTS: In the meantime we also set up some decent defaults to make for a pleasant experience for a new user or even a non-logged in visitor.


If you're coming to steem to see a refereed post of a friend it's nice to not have to wade through ugly comments or even sometimes forced advertisements.

Steem Blockchain can't be censored...
but your experience as a user should still be capable of being crafted
into the experience YOU want it to be.


By default you'll follow the muting/ignoring of accounts that the author of the post your visiting has chosen, they know their spammers the best they know their abusers the best and they can handle the muting. Of course you'll personally also be muting the people you already have set to mute.


You can of course go to the end of the posts and see that some stuff is hidden and choose to see them.



Turn this off and you'll see everything like before... all the pictures of poop and spam in all their glory.

Again we will work to make the Steem experience pleasant especially to new users and ALWAYS give you the experience you as the end user would like to have.

Well now you may be interested in how to mute people... this is actually a blockchain action. Keep in mind anyone could see who you muted... if they kept an eye on the blockchain, i guess.


We could do comment by comment ignoring options not dependent on full account Muting however we're testing this feature as is right now and looking forward to your feedback.


SteemPeak itself will not be in charge of any of these actions... this is all up to YOU the end consumer and your decision that you kind of trust the authors themselves to clean up their own home.

In the end: You can't force anyone to see what you want them to see and you can't be forced to see what and who you don't want to be bothered with. You're in charge. And right now you're saying if and how you want to trust the author's decision.

The SteemPeak Team

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