(Heart-)Breaking SteemPeak News: @r00sj3 leaves team

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A personal note...


Guys (and girls), I have sad news. You may have noticed that my blog (@r00sj3) has been rather inactive lately. This has partly to do with me moving country because of a new job that I started one month ago. This new job is amazing, but it has a big downside which is that I won't be able to remain part of the SteemPeak team.

I joined the team just over a year ago. I am proud of having been involved in the development of a once unknown platform that is currently one of the fastest evolving projects on the Steem blockchain with a growing group of amazing supporters! Behind the scenes (and sometimes very visibly on the SteemFest stage....) it has been a true rollercoaster at times. Together we have turned some of our wildest ideas into a reality and I am sad to think that I am leaving that behind. But I am positive that without me, the development won't stop.

@asgarth, @dmytrokorol and @jarvie: please turn SteemPeak.com into the success it deserves to be!! Also: Now that there is no longer a girl on board, please do behave! I wish you all the best and I will keep an eye on you!! We will stay friends anyway 😘. And who knows, I may come back one day!!

Thank you guys!


PS. The payout of this post will go to @r00sj3 as a goodbye gift


Sad to see you leaving but I’m happy about the new adventure you are about to begin. Congratulations and good luck my friend!

Dear @r00sj3

I fully understand what you're going through. Moving into another country, starting new job, new life, dealing with new challenges - it all can be very time consuming.

It's sad to hear that this new job doesn't allow you to be part of Steempeak team. You guys did already such a great job and I'm sure time working together with @asgarth, @jarvie and @dmytrokorol will be remembered by you for very long.

Would you mind sharing with me, what was your role in SteemPeak? I wonder how strongly will they suffer now without you.

All the best to you,

Good luck in your future endeavors!! Thanks for the work you have done with Steempeak. Cheers!!

While I didn't have a lot of personal interaction with you @r00sj3, I always appreciated the way you handled your representation of SteemPeak. 👍

Very sorry to hear you are leaving, but wishing you all the very best in your new venture! 🙂

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congrats on your new job! very sad to see you leaving steempeak but you did a lot of good work and im sure the team will have you back in an instant if there was future opportunities to work together again :D

thank you for all your hard work <3 !!!

Good bye 👋

Now that there is no longer a girl on board, please do behave!

Does this mean that you supported misbehaviour while you were there? :)

happy adventures!

I always support misbehaving ;) This is just me FOMO-ing

thanks for your hard work! Steempeak is one of the best things to hit the blockchain. No other place let's me see rewards in all SCOT.. thanks for your service and good luck with your new job.

good bye bye and good luck

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What will you guys do without her :D

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