11 QUALITY-OF-LIFE UPDATES FOR STEEM - New features of @steempeak

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These are my 11 favorite NEW updates by @steempeak that make STEEM way more enjoyable on STEEMPEAK.COM

Some of these are just new to SteemPeak and some of these are new to any Web Browser interface for Steem.
I'm just gonna list 11 of the newest that I have enjoyed and wanted to share.

If you're on discord you probably already know about these things.
We try to keep users up to date over on the SteemPeak Discord
But these are my favorite new small updates that


Scrolling Pictures.png

Turn this feature on in settings.

This is perhaps one of the coolest things for this Photographer... I do long posts with lots of pictures at the very least I'd love people to see them. Also I am much more likely to see a lot more pictures because of this. And I can bookmark the post if i want to read the post later.


saved users.png

This is a small feature that compliments the Saved Topics feature which has been a big hit. You know if you're the person who's constantly going to an account and having to type it in. Well now you have a faster method. Save the user and have a fast easy access. It's a small but frequently used feature.


Filter Resteems.png

You may want them or you may not... at least you have the choice now.

We all have accounts we love and we want to support and we follow which happen to resteem a ton!! Sometimes we like seeing the new content they bring us and sometimes we just want to see content from the accounts we follow.

This is our most recent feature by request from a user on discord @r00sj3 ... I've been bothered at times but didn't think to ask. I guess the moral of the story is get on the discord and at least ask.

4. UPLOAD PICTURES IN REPLIES + Other reply editing features

Edited Replies.png

This is a staple of Steem... we were a little late getting it in there.

To a photographer this isn't just a quality of life improvement this is a necessity.
I help run @photogames and this sort of option is almost a requirement. So I'm glad we go this on there.

Right now it's just on replies to a post. It will gradually improve but the basics are there.



These are representations of flags in a more intuitive fashion. As for flagging itself it's on the roadmap (no requests yet, so we focus on other things).

Because we went with the more universally recognized HEART as the way to interact with a post. (dedication to intuitiveness for new users)
We therefore went with the Broken Break for what steem calls "flagging" I like to call it a "HeartBreak"

The ability to quickly and easily view the heartbreak right there on the post and it's actually really insightful and intuitive for users.
Never given or recieved a steem "heartbreak" but can always see some over on @berniesanders

I'm enjoying the new terminology (like "Heartbreak" which i just thought was funny) but the symbols and even maybe the term heartbreak is actually way more intuitive than "Flagging" ... and we are trying to make Steem through @SteemPeak more intuitive for new users there are so many terms and ideas users don't understand even after weeks using the platform.

Please let us know which aspect of Steemit confused you when you first started! We'd love to know.


Sort Comments.png

This one was a couple weeks ago but worth sharing here in case you didn't know.
In that case you did something awesome and have a TON of comments you now have 4 ways to sort them.

Now the question is... which way are you most likely to sort? Reward is default but you interested in any of the others?



Ok this one is cheating... this isn't just a quality of life improvement this is pretty much a full on new feature. BUT... I thought i'd add it here because it's so awesome. Also this shows how everything is located in one POST related drop downs.

Best way to think of a template is as a post that is used to make other posts and in and of itself can't be posted. Those who need it know how awesome this is


Clickable Profile.png

Previously the top right focused on being a drop down to access other cool features. Changing it to be clickable is a very small thing, however it is intuitive to most of the internet that it works this way. So if you think of other intuitive things that will make life simpler on a new user let us know.


Videos in the feed.png

You can watch Dtube videos right from the feed. YouTube coming soon.
This basically means you don't have to go into the post... specially when many video posts are only the video.


Filter Wallet Close.png

You can let your wallet activity load and then filter by type and then you can even filter that info even more by text.
Loading the activity does take some time and we will make this even more intuitive in the future



That's right there's an option to EXPAND and be able to see the whole post without having to leave your FEED.


We have not promoted SteemPeak very much in the 3 weeks since launch. We've been able to expand features and fix errors without the pressure of tons of users. Now we're ready for the primetime. And @asgarth has a consistent track record of responding to requests and bug reports in an insanely fast fashion. so... We're Ready for the Limelight.

Connect with us:
Website - https://steempeak.com
Discord - https://discord.gg/Fy3bca5
Account - @steempeak

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This is coming along great and is going to be huge. Awesome job.


Thanks for resteeming this! Saw it on my feed.


Anything else you'd love it to have just let us know. I'd be interested to hear your ideas.


Thanks to users like you who know what people are hoping for and give us great suggestions

Hey. Does Steem Speak take a cut of post rewards? I really like the addition of templates. That alone is enough to convince me to use your front end.

Edit: Just saw your response to @tangerinetravels. You guys are awesome.


Yep glad you're enjoying the templates ... i'm looking forward to seeing what accounts do with them. I know @photogames has been using them a lot.

It won't take long before @steempeak is part of my regular steemit workflow. Such an awesome job! Steempeak development is on fire! This is the UI that steemit should have had to begin with. Thank you for being awesome!


Thanks to you for your help and your feedback ;)

Wow, have just found @steempeak and on first look I love it. As a relative newbie to steem - using steemit, this definitely a massive improvement. Am switching over now to your UI. Congratulations on the great work to date.


Very happy to hear that actually. We really want newbies to feel comfortable here even though we're creating lots of advanced tools. So please let us know if there is ever something that doesn't seem intuitive as a newbie. I know it took some of us months to really get a feel for steemit and that simply can't continue ... we want people to dive right in.


Yeah for sure join the discord and keep us informed because most users here are pretty experienced and love the advanced tools ... but the second goal is to be the best place for NEW users. Where all the advanced users invite new people and where new people can learn to easily navigate steem.

The slideshow feature sound really great!
Do you have an example link to show it in real time?
How is the slideshow displayed on other frontends like Busy or Steemit?


@mindscapephotos for the live version you can check @jarvie's blog (https://steempeak.com/@jarvie)...there are lot of post with multiple image that you can check to see how the slider works.

The slideshow is only rendered in the feed, not in the full post page and I haven't seen this on others frontend. Keep in mind that the underlying post is just the same, it's only a nice way to view the pictures inside the post from the feed ;)


Thank you. :)
I need to login and enable the slider in the settings first, so see it... :D
Look really great! 👍

Wow these look like some really good improvements!

The heartbreak icon for downvotes is an interesting one, better than "flag" for sure. Though I'm not sure displaying them with an emotionally loaded icon is useful either. I believe using downvote as a concept is much more accurate and more emotionally neutral.

Other than that concern I like a lot of what you're doing with this.


Yeah we went with Heart for "voting" because it's much more intuitive based on where people outside of steem are coming from. Then basically just went with an image that showed something opposite of that action. I myself made up the heartbreak thing. Sounds funny to me, can't really be sure about the emotional impact for a long while. BUT... that being said it's just an icon which can change. It just fits with the heart better.


Ah yeah I see the rationale. Are you the lead developer?


Super awesome job guys, it keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the work and continued improvements.

Oh and I thought of another thing you could add. When you are scrolling though past posts looking for something if you click on something. It would be nice if it came back to that spot instead of going to the top or most recent post.


Agreed! I know what you're talking about!

Personally just from those in this list i'd rank my favorites

  1. Slideshow
  2. Resteem Filter
  3. Upload pictures to replies
  4. Sorting comments
  5. Full post in feed

I would thought i'd say saved users. We'll see if i end up using it more I know i've wanted that for a long time. I think it's because I'm testing the search function that's coming out soon that lets me find people pretty quickly.

This is looking awesome! Does Steempeak take a percentage of the rewards when we post/comment from there? If so, what percentage?


Good question: We do not.

Ooh, some great ideas, especially the slideshow.

Does Steempeak allow you to schedule posts? And if so, is the schedule automatically set to your own timezone? Thanks.


Yep we focused on some of the smaller stuff with this post. Scheduling is one of those huge awesome things it now does... worthy of it's own post!!

First time hearing about Steempeak and I'm excited! Very nice features!

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I'm loving what you guys are doing. I haven't really use it because of a couple feature request that I would like to see, I'll be expressing it on your Discord. I haven't switch Steemit to Busy or something else because I think Is the one original that works better even when some others have more features, most of the basic Steemit things like markdown previews doesn't really work well. But @SteemPeak seems to be the one that is going to make me switch for sure!


K look forward to hearing about those features you're still looking for.


K look forward to
Hearing about those features
You're still looking for.

                 - jarvie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Just found out about SteemPeak and will have to give it a whirl!

Here’s a feature suggestion I’ve tossed around before, hoping alternative front ends such as yourself or Busy might be intrigued and explore or kick around such an idea further.

A new share with comment option. Just like sharing items on “that other” social media wherein you have the option of adding some of your own commentary.

Rather than resteeming though (which may not be able to be tweaked to support additional commentary anyway), this would actually create a new top level post featuring the commentary and an embedded link & excerpt to the original post. This is similar to what the Parley interface is doing now, but instead only pulling Steem based content rather than web links. The key is, that these shares with comment should automatically create a reward split that pays back a sizable (say 70%?) percentage of rewards to the author of the original content which is being linked to.

Such a sharing method could form a new curation industry that rewards discovery of older overlooked content and makes author content “evergreen” and capable of earning in perpetuity as long as new users continue to discover & share it.