Saved Topics and Users on Steempeak - What Are Yours?

in steempeak •  6 months ago

If you haven't heard of @steempeak yet, do yourselves a favour and check it out. It's an alternative to etc as a front-end to the steem blockchain. And it simply craps all over steemit.

There are a host of awesome features - it's literally too many to list. But one of my favourite features is the ability to save topics (tags) and users for easy viewing of your favourite content. The topics (tags) feature is awesome for finding specific content. And the users feature can be thought of as a smaller "following" list. It's particularly handy if you've been away from steem for a few days or weeks. You can catch up on all your favourite authors' posts. Just click on the topic or user that you want to view.

And here's my current favourite topics and users. If you are using this feature and are happy for others to see your favourites, feel free to share them in the comments. :)


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my topics are #filmphotography #photofeed #monomad and a #streetphotography right now. still nothing in the users but good to know that there is an option !


Oh yeah, #monomad. I should save that one. Thanks for replying!