Peakd traffic surges as Steemit falls of a cliff

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You cannot argue with data and the data shows that steemians are voting with their feet and abandoning Steemit.con in favor of the others Dapps that started on the steem ecosystem most notably

I'm not going to rehash the whole sorry saga about Justin Sun etc. Who cares? but rather let the data show who actually owns steem and now hive? is us the community who own hive while Justin owns steem.
If you stay on steemit you have no control of your account?
It's a simple as that.

All the following data comes from


See that nice little bump at the end of the graph? Look closer below. Traffic up 6,000 since the takeover fiasco started.


Next let's consider Steemit. com falling stats.


Steemit's low traffic is now mainly coming from India and Korea. Who incidentally are raping the rewards pool at an unprecedented rate....forget voting bots. This is insane and will not last. It's not sustainable and only a moron would think it is. Basic maths folks.

Steemit was only ever supposed to be an experiment to see if a blockchain could handle a social media websites traffic amongst other things.
It's lack of leadership and direction has always been the biggest thing holding it back plus a crap user experience as far as the website development goes.

While a few people have been pointlessly arguing about Steemit with Justin the bulk of the truly active steem community has already moved on to hive.
It's a shame that it came to this but piss poor leadership and a quick buck led us here.

Shout out to @Dtube which is also getting a lot more traffic in recent weeks.

If a picture paints a 1,000 words then this data speaks volumes. is a far richer website in terms of user experience and it has an up to date design.
If you haven't tried it out yet? It's time you did.


Yuuuup. Good.

I wrote an article last week encouraging anyone who may read my post to use anything but steemit (and 7 other tips). I am glad that I was not the only one with those thoughts.

I do still use steemit, as STEEMWORLD leads to steemit links and that is how I manage my account. I however, post and read from the different tribes. Currently steemleo and neoxian are the ones I use the most.

Thanks for sharing the stats.

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Yep we need the #Dapps to reroute cross posting away from steemit and towards #steempeak as that is the place where so many are heading or #steemleo, #palnet etc

It's a quick fix to just change the URL to a new destination website then we would truly see the real decline in Steemit's traffic and use.

STEEMWORLD leads to steemit links and that is how I manage my account.

It's much easier to use Steempeak as we can manage all of the #steemengine tokens etc as well.
Steemit just didn't iterate their platform. It is woefully inadequate for today's hive communities. 👍

I am using steempeak now :)

Thanks for the reminder. I like it too.

I only wish SteemWorld would change it's allegiance to Steempeak. You click on things in there and it opens Steemit as that's how the association is set.., but I don't wanna use Steemit anymore. How about it @steemchiller?

It's a simple thing to change to a different landing page. I suppose that they just haven't got around to it yet? @steemchiller @dtube and every other Dapp

Gina still uses Steemit links, hopefully they can switch over to steempeak

It would take just a couple of minutes to make the switch to a different landing page.
I do wonder why it hasn't been done already?

Would have loved to see the eSteem stats, too. It is always my frontend of choice. I shared your post on Twitter. 😘

Thanks Mel for the tweet, pop over to and have a look at esteem.

But I still love them best!

I've been loving it.. and the new

interesting times, indeed...