Amazing view from the Galle Fort on a evening time...

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Good Morning Wonderful Steem Community,

Yesterday was better day than previous 10 days because yesterday completely stopped rain. So after two weeks I had chance to see awesome sunset scenery since Galle fort. After finished our work I went there with my friend. We talked some important ideas about future. I spend two hours there.


That's light house of the Galle. It's only one light house built up here. Behind the light house catholic church placed. The Galle Fort is a block of land surrounded by a security wall known as the Fort. It is located on the shore of the Gulf of Galle. The land is approximately 96 acres in size. It is only one side of the ground. The sea on all three sides. The total length of the Galle Fort is approximately 2.5 km. It is about 50 feet wide. The height is between 50-70 feet. The old Galle Fort is a magnificent fortress city.


As a popular practice, the Galle Fort was first built by the Portuguese who arrived in Galle after 1505 years. The Dutch captured the Galle Fort in 1658 and brought it under their control. Then they further enhanced it. In 1796, Galle came under the British. They further enhanced it. Today we see the Galle Fort.


Even without rain, the sky was heavy with rain clouds. Even though the sun is down, we can see the golden glow of the sun on the distant horizon. The sea waves was silence and feel like they also ready to the sleep at night. But already I heard sea waves never sleep. But yesterday evening was silence and took a rest sometime.


It's concrete bench who want to to sit down for take some rest or talk with beloved once. I saw some benches was empty like above and some benches were few lovers. That's strongly built.


The sun goes completely down from western side. Now I feel time was gone and reach to the night. Around the area started to on lights. When the sun goes down, the feeling we get in our minds is beautiful. If we look deeper and realize that this is what is happening in our lives.


There was big stone on the sea. Very better place for the stay evening time because waves not rough. The sun is going on a fateful journey, decorated with the color of the sky. The sun's departure makes the world feel like a tragedy, as the sun swallows and the world swallows.


Farewell is sad anyway. So this farewell to the sun feels like a farewell to a loved one. However, there is only one thing we can understand. If the sun goes down at one moment, it will be illuminated again by a new line.



Both of us walked on the fort and I looked some places was dark without lights yet. Also some lovers & beloved friends stayed there like both of us. A one day ready to finished and ready to will come new day with fresh thoughts and tasks.


It's a ruined place of old dutch fort. Very nearest area on the light and then I could capture there. Even before the arrival of the Portuguese, Galle was a harbor under the rule of the Kandyan Sinhalese kings. The various commodities manufactured in Sri Lanka were supplied by Galle. Local rulers were ruling the harbor at the behest of the kings. Among the items that were shipped overseas at the time were pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, turtle husks, pearls and gems and elephants. The Arabs also occupied the sea trade in Galle.


Now whole area had fully light. When I leave from Galle fort I captured where I stayed over two hours with my friend. There are darkness in life, there are lights, you are the lights of all the lights. Today I want to finish my blog. So see you in next.

***Thanks for reading. Have a Nice day all.

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Very nice place for relaxing in the evening! The light house is beautiful, especially at night as in your last photo.

The Galle Fort is amazing. And the information you provided is very interesting.

I also love to see the sunset over the sea. The color of the sunlight at the horizon in your 2nd and 3rd photo is really magnificent. The cloudy sky over the sea is wonderful. It looks peaceful moment.

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Thanks your biggest appreciation about my blog and pictures. Yeah...that moment was exactly peaceful.

You are much welcome! ;)

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Thanks a lot.

What lovely views in both light and darkness. @alliedforces curate

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Keep up the great work!
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I appreciate it.

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