How to buy a very nice shoe using steempayco in 7 easy steps.

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Hello steemians , IF you want to buy a nice shoes through steempayco for example like here in Uganda, you need almost like 20 SBD if we use the current price of SBD plusa steempayco account and that's all.

Step one
Create a steempayco account if you don't have one. here

step 2

Just pop into a near by shop which sells shoes with a “STEEMPAYCO accepted here” sticker,

step 3

Select the type of shoe you'd love to buy.

step 4

Tell the seller that you'll pay by steempayco.

step 5

Hold on a few minutes until the seller shows you the QR code,

Step 6
scan the QR code and confirm the transfer via SteemConnect.

Step 7

Hehe Isn't that simple?

Go try it today.


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Good job.Want to see more posts on future.Good luck @rdnblogs


you need to stop spaming my posts!

Great.. Information.