How Does Steempayco Work? - In This Post I have Explained It In An Easy way.

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STEEMPAYCO is a new given name of SteemPay ( project that was found by our fellow steemian @asbear. For those who are reading this post and those who maybe took sometime to open up a steempayco account, but still
green on how it works, Don't over panic,

This post is right here for you

Before we deep in, I would love to let you know that Steepayco claims to use Steem Dollar's perception of perfect in undeveloped countries and to use it as a business transaction option. Not only undeveloped countries but also developed countries.

Well i see this as an advantage to the steem community Since it will bring about a realization of steem dollars and adopt the use of it as alternative in the business dealings hence leads to the price of both steem and steemdollar.

Any way to cut the story short, if you If you live in a underdeveloped or developing countries, I would suggest that continue reading this post.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time anymore explaining it., Let's just go straight to the point of this post.

How Does STEEMPAYCO Exactly work?

According to my understanding, Steempayco is only working between the buyer and the seller of goods or products, whatever.

The role of a seller.
So a Sellers has to regester his/her steem account, exchange account plus their Store in steempayco for him or her to be able to sell his or her good. It is very first since a seller only needs to show the item and THE QR code to his or her customers.

The role of a buyer.

For a buyer, Things are very simple for you since you don't have any burden of having cash at hand. Because steempayco simplified it an easy way as the “Buy Real, Sell Real, Pay Real” All you have to do is to just go to a shop or something where there steepayco is accepted here and waitt till the vendor or seller shows you the QR code of the item you want. Scan it, confirm the transfer and leave his or her shop.

It's that Simple, isn't it?

Here are some gifs for you to understand it better.





I have got this gifs from their official post

Because now let's be honest, Why would you have to sit through traffic just because you’re going to the store to buy shoes? Why do you have to carry around samples of your products when you can just create an online store where people can find you in one click?


STEEMPAYCO is obviously very early in the game, but where I think this could definitely be implemented almost right away is in countries like Uganda, venezuela, And Kenya.
Honestly I would be very happy to see Many Ugandans shop embracing this idea, Because it will save us especially ugandans from incurring high costs with transactions such as high commission fees and taxes that are levied by the government.

Thanks once again @asbear for this awesome project,

You indeed deserve a cup of coffee.

What are you waiting for to open up a steempayco accountif you don't have one?

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