The Beauty of SteemPayCo

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So last weekend we had the biggest Steem Meet-Up for the Uganda team. Despite the challenges we can comfortably say it was a success. We met new people, chatted, socialized and most importantly learnt a lot of new things, projects concerning the steemit blockchain. We delved into the steemit plug-ins like D-Tube, D-Live, D-Sound, steepshot among others. What caught my attention most was the SteemPayCo. @Yohan2on introduced me to this one and this thing is amazing.
From what I learnt, Steempayco is a trading platform built to simplify buying and selling between steemit blockchain users without the burden of having to meet-up personally or even have cash at hand. According to the website, the “Buy Real, Sell Real, Pay Real” web instrument was created by @asbear.
Three good very simple reasons why SteemPayCo is a good thing;

  1. It comes in at a very crucial time when fiat currencies are increasingly unstable and mostly crippled by inflation. In developing countries like Uganda and Zimbabwe the situation is getting out of hand. SteemPayCo uses SBD, a decentralized cryptocurrency whose value is more stable than most fiat currencies and is not subject to inflation due to a fixed supply.
  2. It relieves one of the somewhat troublesome procedure of converting SBD to cash. Since most people convert SBD to cash so that they can be able to go and buy things in a shop or store, with SteemPayCo they can just buy the said things online directly. Easy Peasy.
  3. Convenience. Convenience. Convenience. Why sit through traffic just because you’re going to the store to buy shoes? Why do you have to carry around samples of your products when you can just create an online store where people can find you in one click? It’s that easy.

After all this talk, it’d be a shame if I didn’t lead by example. I successfully created my @SteemPayCo account with a few pointers from our ambassador @Yohan2on. It takes only a couple of minutes to have your account verified. Got to and sign up with your email address. Add your steem account(s) to your profile and create your online store(s) if you’re a seller. You can now start transacting like a boss. I'm a boss now. My account and stores are ready!



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This is very good @hydrazine. Thanks for creating your steempayco account. I want to buy some cakes from you. Lets get in touch please!


You're welcome @yohan2on. Also thank you for introducing me to steempayco. So, do you want cupcakes or the big cake?


The cup cake will work for me for now. I need to meet you and we make that transaction.


Sartuday sound good? At the training.