STEEM PARK's Official Flower Donations from the Javits Center!

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For The Win!

Super excited to report back on the huge gains of today with STEEM Park. We were contacted a few days ago by a friend who works at BrightView Landscape, one of the largest landscape development companies on the east coast, with news that they would be re-planting the gardens for one their clients - the historic Jacob Javits Center of New York City!


Apparently these very high-end institutions commonly have complete seasonal changes to their landscapes. Long story short, every three months or so these clients throw away their entire gardens and replant fresh foliage. Worrying about up-cycling or transplanting these gorgeous specimens is apparently not heavily considered in the corporate budget...


One man's trash is another man's treasure, and oh boy... did we get a haul at the perfect time. With the spring season ending, the Javits Center had thousands of fully-matured purple Dianthis plants. We jumped in a U-Haul with conservancy leader Wayne at about 5:30am and got to the center just in time to move them directly from planter to trunk.

To give you a sense of the monetary weight of the flowers, the market price of a “gallon” of Dianthis is around $19.99 USD. We unfortunately couldn't fit all of them due to limitations of the U-Haul but we still were able to fit in about... 500 gallons. So... that makes our grand getaway close to $10,000 of in-kind garden plants!!


We made our way back over the Williamsburg Bridge and spent the better part of Wednesday morning planting these beauties. Again, perfect timing as they had just installed @musahixon's incredible UNIQLO-grant sculpture. We dug out two trenches that frame that side of the park and made sure the plants found a suitable new home.

We'll be showing off a few of the STEEM Park planters at tonight's UNIQLO unveiling of Musa's sculpture so stay tuned this weekend for a sneak preview before our official launch in July!


Schedule & Progress

  • May : Site Partnership (Achieved!)
    Fundraising Launch
  • June : Fabrication (now)
    Preliminary Programming and Workshop Planning
  • July : Construction and Installation. Ribbon cutting ceremony!
  • August : Park Programs and Steemit Meetup
  • September : All Physical Donation-Rewards shipped to our supporters!
  • October + Longterm Planning for STEEM Park

NOTE : 100% of the payout rewards from this post will go towards the realization of the STEEM Park project. Thank you all so much for your support. STEEM on!


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You deserve my full upvotes and more. Congratulations on Steem Park being one step closer to reality. The Steemit Community is so alive and really impressed me everyday. Steem on!

I always thought that sightseeing in NYC isn't enough reason to visit, this changes one's perspective. To NYC Steempark!!!
Congratulations! When can we have a Steem Mansion in South of France??

What! Yes! I love Parks! I'm working on a post now about Urfer Park in Sarasota, Florida.
This is awesome! We need a Steemit park here!!! Totally Resteeming!! Thank you

Was looking about this project since I saw it last month. You did a great job. Beautiful!

good post

ok , my friend

Holy cow ! keep up the good work, im excited for this project !!


We are too, stay tuned!!

clicks are amazing give it up , and upvoted you

It looks like you did a great job!
Amazing Photographs
Upvoted, good luck with the Steem Park Projected.

Great read! I just upvoted you. Please do the same and follow

That is such a wonderful "find". Flowers always make everything look beautiful. Congratulations on your successes with this project. Well deserved!!

Wow, that is so cool. Must be exciting to see things coming together. Happy for you all and the Steemit community. Gonna have to make a trip for sure!

Yay, what a coup, this is perfect!!

Great idea. Of course UPVOTED!!!

Thanks a lot!

"One man's trash is another man's treasure" couldn't agree more.
Good job guys, I love what you're doing :)

Thanks so much for the support! Indeed, it's a shame that someone's economy treats them like trash...

Totally. But hey, there's a bright side in this story and it's honorable :)

Full vote~!

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Excellent post friend thanks for the information, I am new to steemit if you can pass by my blog there I am telling you what happens in my country, I hope your support God bless you