STEEM PARK : The First Steem-Powered Public Art Project in Brooklyn, NY

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What is STEEM Park?

STEEM Park is a pop-up summer garden designed and funded exclusively through a social media website that rewards impactful content with digital currency (called STEEM). This garden within Herbert Von King Park represents an entirely new way to empower community projects and celebrate special places within our own neighborhood.

  • When? : STEEM Park opens July 16th, 2017
  • Where? : Herbert Von King Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Grand Opening - Sunday July, 16th

It's the final countdown... we ( @hansikhouse & @voronoi ) are nearing the end of fabrication and wanted to share a few sneak peaks of the process... Here are just a few images of the STEEM Park signage that will showcase our bench/planter sponsors!

STEEM Park opens July 16th 2017!


Thank You to our Amazing Supporters & Sponsors!

@steemitblog @andrarchy @surfermarly @fulltimegeek @dylanhobalart @gardenlady @good-karma @virtualgrowth @clayop @thejohalfiles @natureofbeing @steemed @abdullar @prufarchy @hansikhouse @voronoi @heymattsokol @orenshani7 @meesterboom @yogi.artist @madlenfox @da-dawn @kanedizzle08 @vip @lighthil @inphiknit @airmatti @velimir @leesongyi @preparedwombat @dwolfe @cassidyandfranks @lovejoy

Herbert Von King Park-Brooklyn_Signage_Page_7.jpg

Signage will attract visitors to as well as the individual pages of our Bench/Planter sponsors! Give the QR codes a try.

Herbert Von King Park-Brooklyn_Signage_Page_6.jpg

Herbert Von King Park-Brooklyn_Signage_Page_5.jpg

Herbert Von King Park-Brooklyn_Signage_Page_4.jpg

Herbert Von King Park-Brooklyn_Signage_Page_1.jpg

Herbert Von King Park-Brooklyn_Signage_Page_2.jpg

Herbert Von King Park-Brooklyn_Signage_Page_3.jpg

Good For Community, Good for Steemit

This new neighborhood hotspot in the heart of Brooklyn will act as a colorful and dynamic billboard for the Steemit community. We @hitheryon believe that this physical design project is an important and exciting proof of concept for STEEM and Steemit. We want to build something physical, lasting and impactful with cryptocurrency. Tens of thousands of people will visit Steemit Park this summer. Our team @hitheryon will host Steemit workshops and events for the purpose of onboarding community members and activists to the Steemit platform (this includes park visitors, park representatives, volunteers, local residents and more!)

Upvotes and donations will translate directly to funding for furniture, events, park maintenance, beautification and restoration for a neighborhood in need. This project is about discovering new ways of using STEEM and Steemit for social good!


Want to Support STEEM Park?

Throw us a SBD or STEEM donation! 100% of your upvotes and donations will go towards further development of the construction, opening ceremony, multiple public workshops, maintenance and support for both the Steemit and local Brooklyn community.


Follow us @hitheryon

@hansikhouse / @voronoi


Thank you everyone who has contributed in any way to this project whether it be helping with coming up with the idea, drawing concepts, donating, upvoting, resteeming - everything! Thank you!

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Thank you - and Booster on!

We couldn't have done this without the support of Steemians like yourself! This has been a huge team effort. Thank you !

Great idea, love parks so I would support this idea anyway but add in the advertisement for steemit and I love it. Great job guys, I will definitely drop in next time I am in New York

Thanks so much @fiveboringgames! Very kind of you. Definitely swing by next time you're in town :)

cool idea

Love parks, please come to Vancouver 🇨🇦

Love that idea! :D

so awesome. I'll stop by sometime

We'd love to have you!

Awesome guys! Have some of mine.

I'll be there! Can't wait to meet you. What time is good to come by on the 16th?

We'll be there from 11:00am on into the afternoon!

Please share with your friends, family, designers interested in blockchain, and anyone you can think of! =)

See you all on Sunday!

Have a wonderful day on Sunday. Enjoy the benefits of being on steemit.

Super cool! Too bad I am not in NYC :/

We need few more steemparks in different countries...

Amen to that! Let's make more with STEEM!

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