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The STEEM Park project has been met with an outpouring of support from Steemians all over the world. We ( @hansikhouse / @voronoi ) are thrilled to have your support and so excited to have such incredible representation in STEEM Park!

~ Furniture sponsorship is now closed and we are fully sponsored! ~

Thank You Bench / Planter Sponsors!

We want to give a HUGE shout out to @andrarchy, @surfermarly, @fulltimegeek, @dylanhobalart, @gardenlady, @good-karma, @virtualgrowth, @clayop, @thejohalfiles, @natureofbeing and @steemed.

Our planters and benches just got even sexier with the help of our fabrication team - A05 Studio. Take a look at the updated design screen-shots below and rendering (above).


Fabrication is well underway. We’ll be sharing more exciting updates as the project progresses this week. Stay tuned for an “Opening” announcement!

Thank you to all of our additional supporters! @heymattsokol @orenshani7 @meesterboom @yogi.artist @madlenfox @da-dawn @kanedizzle08 @vip @lighthil @inphiknit @airmatti @velimir @leesongyi

What is STEEM Park?

“STEEM Park” is an interactive community garden in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Located within the historic Herbert von King Park: STEEM Park is a pop-up installation that will be used to host Steemit meetups, local community events, workshops and dozens of activities throughout the year.


This project will be created, constructed and maintained with 100% STEEM and SBD donations! Your upvotes and donations will help make this community garden a reality. In return, we have some amazing awards for you. What will your STEEM and SBD get you?


  • (All deliverable prizes - noted by the envelope icon - will be delivered to your address of choice by the end of September, 2017.)

Award B : Get a 3D Printed Flower!

Those who donate 50 STEEM or SBD will receive a 3D printed magnolia flower designed and printed by @hitheryon. The flower pays tribute to a special local landmark.


Good For Community, Good for Steemit

This new neighborhood hotspot in the heart of Brooklyn will act as a colorful and dynamic billboard for the Steemit community. We @hitheryon believe that this physical design project is an important and exciting proof of concept for STEEM and Steemit. We want to build something physical, lasting and impactful with cryptocurrency. Tens of thousands of people will visit Steemit Park this summer. Our team @hitheryon will host Steemit workshops and events for the purpose of onboarding community members and activists to the Steemit platform (this includes park visitors, park representatives, volunteers, local residents and more!)

Upvotes and donations will translate directly to funding for furniture, events, park maintenance, beautification and restoration for a neighborhood in need. This project is about discovering new ways of using STEEM and Steemit for social good!

Schedule & Progress

  • May : Site Partnership (Achieved!)
    Fundraising Launch
  • June : Fabrication (now)
    Preliminary Programming and Workshop Planning
  • July : Construction and Installation. Ribbon cutting ceremony!
  • August : Park Programs and Steemit Meetup
  • September : All Physical Donation-Rewards shipped to our supporters!
  • October + Longterm Planning for STEEM Park

Let’s Do This

Let’s get physical and take this online community to the next level. We need YOUR upvotes, donations, re-steems and word of mouth to spread this project far and wide.

NOTE : 100% of the payout rewards from this post will go towards the realization of the STEEM Park project. Thank you all so much for your support. STEEM on!


Follow us @hitheryon

@hansikhouse / @voronoi

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I love the idea! Props to everyone involved!


Thank you for sharing I just followed you and upvoting your post. I look 👀 forward to watching you become a great success here on Steemit🤓🙌🏾, re-Steem this post below on your page for a chance to win 100 Steem dollars , it will also help you earn the most out of steemit



yes everyone involved in this like an game crowed.

What a cool project! I can't wait to see it fully come into fruition. Good luck on this! Steemit up!


Thanks so much @ekpickle! We're super excited to get building and installing!


Great initiative! Well done. Fresh ideas and motivated minds are the perfect combination for some guaranteed success! Excited about this, will be following for the official announcement !

Thanks for the hard work!

wow awesome work guys :)


you're welcome :D

I will love to come and visit this place, but the sad part is that i live in another country, still i will try to help in any way possible @hitheryon


We'll take tons of photos and video, not to worry. Your upvotes and supportive comments make a huge difference, thank you!

This is amazing. The power of creativity and inspiration combined with brilliance and hard work. I may have to make a trip to NYC for this!


Thank you for the kind words @wickedcute! Definitely swing through NYC this summer. We'll be hosting a few Steemit meetups there :)

Keep up the good work


This is so great for steemit i really believe in something like that. Its a great way to have the the world more open to steem. I hope the is the first of many. I think should be in every continent while some steem events can be held there to inform people what this great platform os about

I'm so happy to hear that the project is going so well! Getting all the furniture sponsored already is a great start, and I'm so excited to see updates from this project once it's getting closer to official opening. Thanks again for doing this guys!

This is fantastic news! Wish you guys the very best! I hope to make it to Brooklyn and see this in person very soon! Thank you @hitheryon @hansikhouse and @voronoi for doing this!


Thanks so much for your support @firepower! If you are ever swinging through NYC we would be honored to give you a tour. Cheers!

how did you go about getting permission to put the planters in the park? i'm kinda interested in the background processes that realised that so other people around the world can do similar things.


A great question! We've had experience working with NYC Parks for a mix of art installations and other programs in the past. This helped us understand the hoops that needed jumping through. @hansikhouse connected with the Herbert von King Park conservancy leader to pitch the idea of STEEM Park a couple of months back. From there we filed for permitting with the NYC Parks Department in order to get permission.

It's always a mix of getting permission regionally (NYC Parks Dept.) and locally (Park Conservancy)... every public space is different!


right i bet, useful to know (filed for permitting with the NYC Parks Department in order to get permission) - just finding the right people to do the permits is always the thing right? i can't wait to see photos!

Looking forward to seeing how this idea develops and visiting the park and my bench some day!

Congrats on getting fully funded, new planter designs look great! Looking forward to seeing this in July, little far for me but I'll look forward to the pictures!


Thank you so much @da-dawn! We'll share TONS of photos and video, not to worry :)

Whoohoo!! Hearty congratulations @hitheryon!! Thanks for the shout-out, it felt SO good to contribute to your promising project.


Thank YOU so much for your generosity, support and enthusiasm @natureofbeing :D


Can't wait to sit in your park :-)), my enthusiasm comes easily since you guys are doing a really great thing here!

You got my support and up-voted!


You're the best! Thanks @dylanhobalart!

Exciting times! Good luck with everything and I hope to visit the park one day

Keep up the good work! This project is amazing and its a lot of fun to keep up with! Also Ive been using the "threedprinting" tag on a lot of my posts so maybe you could show it some love and we can bring 3D printing the attention it deserves!


Haha we'll do our best as we venture into the unknown. My real name is "Kirk" by the way... so this is kind of hilarious.

LL&P my friend.

Great way to get the word out about Steemit to the local community as well. You go my Upvote :)

This project will be good promotion for Steemit and the fact that this project can take off is testimony to the generousity of the Steemians.

The power of the community put to the right hands! well done and keep it up!

Very cool idea!! I love it!! The people who made this deserve a lot of credit.

Hello @hitheryon
Happy steemit.
Steemit is an amazing place. Here, we share stories and read others.
This is where we connect and build relationships and grow together.
Best of luck with your steemit trip.
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You can find me in most Social Media @jakir.Happy to connect with community steemit

GOOD IDEA!! up up!!

We should do this in all major cities! That's how we get the community growing.... Such a great Idea! Keep the good work up and if you need any help reach out to us! :)

@hitheryon Brilliant...I would love to get a follow and will be keeping up with this project!

What a cool idea! I guess it's another reason to visit New York!!!

It is a wonderful project. Can't wait to see the finished result in reality :) I'm very glad that everything is going well.


This is so cool. I'm glad to see community coming together to make somewhere that people can interact as a community. Very cool. Keep up the good work.

That's great work, friend. You are indeed making a great project. thanks. I've folllowed you and I also support your project

Very cool project! Is there a Steem shop?

I cannot believe this is actually happening, we are making history guys :)

I would love to visit the park whenever I'm around. :)

This is great i hope to see it spread beyond just that park someday(:

@hitheryon, This is awesome, you should seek extra funding to get a Steemit coffee cart that can accept SDB and draw little steam logos on the Latte's :)

Dude, I'm so happy to see this coming together!! I'm pretty sure I'll be living in the neighborhood again starting around August/September, you better believe I'll be sitting in Steem Park reading a book just about every morning.


Good stuff! Good luck!

very cool.. i wish i lived in NY though!

i love this idea alot we need something like this in swiss

Yes, this is the power of creativity. Thanks @hitheryon It will power up our mind to get new idea.

Great idea @hitheryon, this is so innovative.

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Nice presentation of steem park

Please kindly follow back @dreamchaser4063

Thank you for sharing such a great idea and I really love your idea, I will support your project as it is a very good chance to promote steemit, to make this community stronger and stronger, I hope that more people can suggest such kind of good idea and excute it.It is worth to support and I cannot wait to see the steemit park.Keep going!

Very interesting project of #steempark, I hope could present it too in southeast asia. :D


I got really annoyed today and still am a little pissed /-:

I have 2 questions for the community here:

How can I track Steemdollar on the Blockchain, can one even do that ?!
How long does it take for steemdollars to transact?!
I was trying to track my transaction on the steemdollar blockchain and I couldn't.
But from the sending point the transaction is completed so it should be on the blockchain somewhere...

Tried both explorers provided by and tried googling it - no result.

found another link that I can't find now, but anyways no clue if one can track anything with it , I couldn't..

Then I tried to check the account by using the transaction code tx.. - no success.

Please help!

Thank you (-:

I love this amazing plotted idea¡¡ This project is amazing and can't wait to see the fruitfull results.

Great job guys. I want to make some STEEM soap! And wash mah body wit it

Wow! Love the idea, would love to have the same park in my hometown in Malaysia! Maybe we can learn more from your journey doing this program, so that we can DIY the same thing here.

Followed you :)

That is so awesome! :) Great idea. I'll be sure to follow your progress.

What a cool project will have to make a visit there when it opens wish I could help support it but just started here sorry

A wonderful idea!

Nice planning sir, hope you soon finish that steem park,hehe.
Bytheway, my blog is about drawing sir, would you like to visit it?

I truly can't wait to see this idea materialized! Thank you for trying to make this happen. Upvoted, followed and resteeemed!

☂ ⓐⓒⓘⓓ ⓖⓞⓓ ⓒⓐⓣ™

This looks good, I like 3d printing.

Nice to see people working to build a community.

Good luck!

Out of the box idea. Great post, Upvoted and followed.

I like your positive - success in your endeavors.

@hitheryon Too bad this original sponsorhip post was from before I joined. I would love to sponsor a planter in the Steem Park. I just found you through @ned's Resteem of the project. I am following you now and will be on the lookout for future opportunities to support these type of projects.

this is a beautiful idea and very inspiring. Cant wait to come back home and see this live

Wow! Great progress! I'm lovin'it! Good Luck and strength in it. 👍

Upvoted and Resteemed!

Can't wait to check it out, I'm not so far.

Love and grattitude!!

congratulations for the project and the idea of this, its really satisfying to this this kind of things growing more and more.

This is super cool idea . I like to see more post

This is very interesting post @steempark ...Good job...keep it up .......Namaste :)

This project is so awesome. It should be supported by every user! I don't see a reason why not to. I mentioned you in my latest post to raise some more awareness :)

nice architecture for park
thank @hansikhouse

Wow what a great project ,I appreciate the initiative step you have taken .I hope u open steam park in future "Todo el Mundo"👍👍👍

hahaha i am in this part without future, but happy with steemer community all the best.

I started there in the park :)

great job guys. upvoted and followed you 😃❤

This is an inspiration for us to begin some movements in Dubai in the direction of community development in Dubai . Truly inspiring to read this and I fully respect this post, which is very unique

Good idea a park for the steemit comunity.

I like

Very cool! Great when virtual translates into real! Especially something to sit on.

Top stuff guys :-) FYI, you've been featured here .