The Panel Discussion was a great success!

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Thanks so much to @jesta, @timcliff, @blocktrades, @pharesim, @lukestokes. @elear, @andrarchy for coming on the mspwaves broadcast of the Steem Panel Discussion. We had roughly 75 people at our peak point live in the audience with us, and we estimate about 150 or so visited the show over the course of the event.

These Steem Panel Discussions represent an opportunity for the witnesses, investors, community, and project leaders to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the blockchain.

Saturday Dec 13th at 11am we'll host the next Steem Panel Discussion

This panel hasn't been formed yet, but you can be sure that movers and shakers on the platform will be present to talk about their vision for the Steem platform, and what we as a community need to do to rise up to the challenges we're facing.

Saturday Dec 27 at 11am we'll host a Crypto Growth Forum

Steem is just one part of a larger crypto ecosystem. I'm going to use the mspwaves broadcast station to reach out to other crypto communities to see if we can't unite the clans a little more than we have to date.

Part 1 of the Steem Panel Discussion

Part 2 of the Steem Panel Discussion

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Excellent conversations! Thanks for the insight.

Thanks for the great info.

Thank you for organizing this event, it is nice to be able to see what vision people working closely with the Steem blockchain have on the entire ecosystem and how they see the future of this community. I really enjoyed the detailed explanation on SMT and the fact that people will be able to bootstrap their own community without suffering from the impact of SP holders while still providing value to the Steem ecosystem, that is revolutionary in my opinion.

I agree with @jesta that too much focus is placed on In a post that I published about a month ago regarding the new website I highlighted this fact:

The site looks very professional and the changes were long overdue.

However, in my opinion there is a glearing omission...there is no mention of all the applications that have been built on top of steem (the blockchain)

No mention of, Chainbb,, Zappl, etc...not even a pointer to steem tools. The site should be a representation of the whole ecosystem.


Given the market demonstrably does not care about scaling ability (BTC, Eth), what other key differentiating point does Steem have OTHER than

The core of your complaint is that a private company with a website does not mention and link to their own competitors (other Steem interface mirrors)?

How would you suggest Steemit become motivated to suggest other people NOT use their website?


If you go to other cryptos landing pages you can see a list of the alternatives. It just makes sense to show off the growth of the blockchain.
I have no idea how to submit a pull request in GitHub (if I new I would have done it already).


As usual, I believe the depth of your wit has exceeded the height of my boots, and I am immersed fully in wry cunning.


Damn, that's a great lineup of people!

I thank you for all you are doing!
I myself struggle w/ all this tech/crypto stuff.
I think a lot of people do not understand half of the intricacies,and that is part of the turn over. The dirty little fact that is not really talked about...
I do not consider myself artistic,or a good writer. I have no tech. or the equipment,or $ to buy.
I live in the USA and realize I won the birth lottery! how many people around the world are even less empowered than me?
How do we change the world,have a social media site that excludes ,or considers the average post a shit post?
The struggle is real! and people are lazy!!
I wanna HELP!!!
I do not wanna be a shit poster.
But art and literature,are subjective so I feel that shit post is a blanket statement. I think it is personal taste . Some people like what you do not like...
I hope you have a great day!


Curate and comment. Be insightful, be supportive, build a following.
Don't blog until you have several hundred quality followers, and a really good feel for the community.


I wish I knew this when I started out on here.... Thanks for sharing this


Me too... when I started out a few weeks ago I just did not have a clue...probably a crying need for an easy flow chart of do's and don't s to follow..upvoted for a most sensible contribution

This is a great initiative. Hopefully as time goes on this will grow to other crypto communities as well.


Agreed- would be nice if that were to happen. Did you have any particular crypto communities in mind?

Great forum and initiative. Love to see collaboration enhanced on the steemit platform. Ping me to hear what my thoughts are.

Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next iteration of this effort!


Wow, thank you so very much for sharing, now it is time to go listen to it all, namaste :)


Yep. Getting better at the process. Thanks for checking it out!

I'm new to steemit and your panel is very educative for us young steemers

Well .. I was going to try and nap but this will work.


ohh. thats great. best of luck.


You are doing God's work. Don't stop!

In this particular case, I think @tusharvasave was making a valid, if sarcastic, point regarding the comment he replied to.

I don't think it was spam, and I agree with his sentiment - if I'm right about the sarcasm!

I felt a bit like a heretic at times today but I enjoyed the conversations. Thanks again for organizing this @aggroed and happy to be a part of the discussion.


I think that your comments were spot on.


meh, thinking of alternative ways to work on/with/for the platform is good for us all.


True. I'm always happy to play devil's advocate hah. Sometimes I think I have too much fun with it though.


I am happy to join in discussions...but still a huge learning curve

Wow! Just finished listening and viewing part 1. This is great! Phenomenal insights, It's awesome there's the screen capture as well, a lot of cool stuff swung by, like @jesta's excitement over the upcoming Vessel 2.0 and @r0nd0n' vision of paying things with his steem mobile wallet...

Thank you so much! I'm opening a new beer and getting ready for part 2...

Even better than the first forum - awesome panel - amazing insights - learned a lot. I am very excited about Steemit/Crypto opportunities and our role within MSP and MSP-Waves. YESSS!


Thanks for you help globo!!! Can't do this without mspwaves!


Love the work, the opportunity, and the listeners. Awesome! Thanks for your support and fresh thinking!

It was a good discussion. I learned that steemit is different from steem. Shocking! I learned that no one really knows why there is a boom in SBD right now, except to say that demand is exceeding supply. I was very pleased to learn that there is so much optimism and ambition for steem, and so many bright, committed people working on it. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us, all you excellent folks on the panel.


It's a Korean exchange buying tons of it!


Yeah, maybe they think they can use it in Starcraft. :)


What if its really worth more than what we see it noe, and they see the potential?
We may ignored the value coz we always see it and recieve it!

I think, you won't buy sbd if you didn't believe it future use and a very low supply!

Bots screw......they often forget to use EMOTIONS.....OH SORRY ...MY MISTAKE....THEY DONT HAVE ANY😋😋😋

It was a very interesting discussion and I learned quite a few things. The discussion of SMT's was particularly interesting because I hadn't fully appreciated what a game changer they will be. So many possibilities.

A STEEM Pavillion would be people enter at the center of 'steem', and then with a graphic have entrances to all the other steem platforms/condensers.

One way to help new users might be what @pennsif has started, which is that within our homesteading community we are starting a mentor program. Maybe we could have a site wide mentor program. If each person who signs up as a mentor can help 2 to 4 people one on one with the basics that could cover many many minnows.

Also, myself and a few others are offering our Etsy items for purchase with SBD or STEEM. I have figured out a way to run the sale through Etsy for shipping, sales receipts, income for taxes etc...then the payment can be sent here in steem with the Etsy order number as the memo.
The only problem is knowing what to charge. For now I am sticking to a $1 = SBD 1 until we find a way to easily calculate it.

Great info- get D-tube up and cranking FAST. Youtube in imploding due to excessive censorship. Let's make D-Tube and Steemit the next BIG thing.

great concept . nice video. this panel discussion is really helpful for all. thanks for sharing this valuable post.

Great Panel! Lots of work to be done!

🎵 Woooot!!! 🎶
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Looking forward to your next STEEM panel discussion!


That's got January written all over it!

great topic friend , good luck

have a nice day

This is a great and refined panel. Keep up with the good job.
Kudos to you

I am going to take a listen. Always interesting stuff. Thank you.


Hopefully you find some good stuff!

Interesting.. Waiting to seeing the results

I'm listening there is lot of great discussion from the great couple people in discussion panel. I try to make personal conclution from that all communication. Such as we know, we are on faced big challenges in the future. So we need lot of collaboration to answered that the big challenge.
From couple week ago I am keep learning about the big main setting of the steemit platform. I think, I am starting know where were we going to. I see there is the great future for all of us in here, then I went to try improvisation to explore my idea in a design concept as a professional contributes to steemit. I hope the concept might be part of solution that we need. And I still keep working to make it done on this December. And I want to broadcast it soon as possible.
Best Regard for all you the great master.

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I really commend you for putting together a great panel and addressing cogently many issues regarding this platform, and the Steem community.


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Interesting to put some voices to the names. Makes you all a bit more real, a bit more human. =)

Yeah, thanks you so much.
This is very helpful for me.

Thanks again for the allowing me to be on such a great panel. I really enjoyed it.


Yeah, it was awesome! Thanks for being there. I hope you run a radio show that helps teach minnows about the platform.


lol. did this as lovejuice :)


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted. I'll be thinking about it.


I'd definitely tune in.

I could not listen although I was online. If was locked for me I guess am not up to that level yet. Very soon I would be joining you guys.

Thank u i will came Back To This post after i will listen The Discussion

Hello there dear steemit if you don't mind could you help me im new with mind and i would be extremely thabkful


@alhmali, I note your rep is 6. This leads me to believe you have spamming this comment a lot. I'm not gonna bother checking, but I recommend you learn from the flags you have drawn by doing so, and stop it. Either comment cogently on the post, or don't bother commenting.

This kind of comment is spam, and flag bait.

If you do it again, and get flagged, you deserve it.

yea....i missed it live. It is better late than never. Here I go

Well done guys keep up the good work God bless you

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There are still more to learn and much to understand about steemit, I have not even gone anywhere yet, I glad I read this post and the programmes lined up for discussion are quite relevant and timely. Good job.

Thanks for sharing, any additional Steemit information is great. Helps us all out!

I think the use of bots is perfect given all the minnows out there like myself. We have to use them to promote our post , some posts are really good but don't get any recognition or exposure . Keep up the good work in the community we all appreciate it .


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Awesome panal

I was indeed able to listen today. Good panel. Hope you do more of these.

nice post

very interesting .., ^_^

Nice stuff with the most powerful steemers of the platform.

yes friend @aggroed
i agree you are right & good post ...........

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I am happy to listen to the panel discussion. Very rare opportunity for new comers like me, to listen to so many great achievers on the mspwaves broadcast of the Steem Panel Discussion. Being a very new just 4 months experience, I couldn’t understand all the points but got idea that how the Panel Discussion would be (as @jesse2you rightly said about understanding total).

I am not clear what is bot?could you please let me know or teach me


Bots are programs that can interact with people and the blockchain. They can vote, for example. Aggroed runs a bot called @lovejuice that will upvote your posts or comments for a fee. For more information, check @lovejuice or @aggroed. There are many other bots that will upvote you for a fee, also.

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Hope that was some little help to you.

It's just like you said in a post, and I agree it shows that we still share our knowledge, learn from experience.

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this is so awesome. Really great work. It's fun to see it in action so quickly as I know you've been working on this for a little while. Great stuff.

This is good news and very useful, hopefully adds victory @aggroed

yeah, i just wait n see.. iam a newbie at steemit and want to be good like the "senior"

I with your posting this one, hopefully you can always share the post like this and can be useful for everyone. do not forget vote got me😊👏👏

Really? waiting to get more information about it. thanks for keeping us updated

restemed your post
sir plz restem my post i need your support to begin my steemit channel

Congratulations @aggroed!
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truly incredible your initiative to contribute quality content to the steemit community

Thanks for posting the recordings. I actually forgot this was on today, so great to be able to catch up.

Party on dude.


It's good times!

Excited to hear about the changing coming in. Thank you for sharing with poor normal human beings :D

bot use is not so good for promoting. they give a very few sbd :(

Looks like that was a good meeting...

I would be interested to hear you talkabout content and handling of images and videos who create them and make a living off them, who would love to use Steemit more but are afraid about it loosing their rights.


I'll see if I can bring that up next time.


Thank you!!! We have created and going to create some great content and would really like to participate more and only show our greatest work but if it's not very clear what it means for my content after it's part of the blockchain .... it makes me a bit nervous.

that sounds very nice iam waiting you

This is a nice idea, would sit and digest it very well. Loving it already, thanks for the post.

Paleh hawa teuh tabloe mic nyan

Watched this last night before I passed out. Soaked up a lot, good to see u guys so involved. Keep it up, I’m here for the long haul. Lots of obstacles to come, but with more of these conferences I’m looking forward to see what you come up with.

Hi @aggroed. Greetings from Singapore! Count me in mate!

Cool, Informative and Great talks. Exciting times coming.

Two thumbs up @aggroed for the successful panel discussion.

It was very interesting to listen to; and, chocked full of healthy discussions.

A primary suggestion would be for the speaker to acknowledge himself before speaking…i.e., yeah, this is @aggroed…then comment…

I really enjoyed the audience-interaction as well.

Also, as this project grows, maybe the panel could be told in advance to hit refresh if things go silent, to prevent interruptions of speakers. Thankfully, @elear was able to stay on point for the most part.

I really enjoyed this…learned quite a bit…and look forward to the next discussion.


Nice post
As a new user
I need posts like this to encourage me

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Question on the SMTs...are there plans to link them with the ACC and SDR eventually?

Users will be able to make short posts (up to a certain number of characters) and votes will be able to earn some money Steem just like on here.

The only thing that bugged me about the panel was all of the red discord notifiations LOL

Thank you for this post !

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wow very awasome post

great initiative in building crypto communities.