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RE: @Steemonboarding: The Marketing Tool for the Steem Blockchain You have Been Waiting For

in #steemonboarding2 years ago

Any initiative to help onboarding and especially keep new Steemians on board when they struggle with the start is an initiative I support of course.

We need German language as well here - surre you talked to @theaustrianguy at #Steemfest already who has produced some tutorials in the past. Count me in if you need any advise, support or helping hand @anomadsoul.


Thank you so much for your support of the project @uwelang! German is definitely a high priority for us to be in the list of 10 languages we initially launch with. Thanks for recommending @theaustrianguy for this.

The german translation is already in progress and about to finish ;)

Das wundert mich jetzt nicht Du Tausendsassa :-)

Cool, habe gerade überleg im nächsten SteemZeiger darüber zu schreiben....

Kann ja nicht schaden

Glad to hear - will check you for updates, exciting project.

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