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RE: @Steemonboarding: The Marketing Tool for the Steem Blockchain You have Been Waiting For

Really pleased to see the announcement after our discussion~ this is something that I and many others spend a lot of time trying to help after the fact when we have new users join! I can say that though I'm nothing special in my efforts and between the hours spent in off-chain communities, delegating, radio shows, mentoring sessions; it's still not much of a candle to all of the stuff forward facing community members like you guys do... it's harder to shift someone's momentum than it is to simply help them get moving.

While we manage to turn and rejuvenate a few people (or maybe even a lot), starting people from all over the world out with a better idea of what might be really different cultural and steemy societal norms in mind is the perfect idea for underlining that this isn't just any social site. It's also an interest driven way to get people used to the idea that there needs to be a bit of "proof of brain" and that there is an underlying cost to be able to use the tools this blockchain affords without scaring them away or making it too high.

Please let me know if I can help with any content or liaising! You guys are taking on an exciting task that deserves a ton of support.


Oh pish posh. You're right up there at the top, Crim. No one holds a candle to YOU. And that's a fact. But yes, these two are doing something pretty unbelievable, and I'm excited to just be breathing the same air.

Yeah they are right

Thank you so much for your support of this project @crimsonclad! You are one of those great community leaders that does so much to make the Steem world go round and we are excited to hear your enthusiasm for the project.

This comment means so much, especially coming from the master of the minnow orientation and plankton onboarding. Thanks so much Crimi! We would be delighted to attend one of your radio shows and speak more about the topic and listen to your opinion about it!

Definitely, if we can be more in touch and get your continuous feedback we would really appreciate it!

We´ll get in touch with you soon, there are some topics I think you might be more than delighted to jump in and help us! :D

this is amazing for anybody, i hope you can show to entire world

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