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RE: @Steemonboarding: The Marketing Tool for the Steem Blockchain You have Been Waiting For

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Hey guys

Not sure if this is 100% relevant but perhaps you could push the Engagement Leagues and the Red fish power-up League or the Minnow power-up league to your new recruits.

We have found that being a part of the above drastically improves engagement and retention.



Oh yeah, definitely on the agenda man!

Nice one :)

There is lots to consider, I think it'll take a bit of time to pull everything together. If you want to organise a voice call somewhere and invite curation teams/community leaders/those showing support for young accounts, that might be a good brain-storming talk?

Thank you so much for the great tips Asher! We definitely want to help connect people with not only dApps - but other communities that help to support and highlight new users. Those leagues could be a great area to send eager new users.

I almost feel like we might need an entire section just for "Ongoing resources for new users" or something like that. There are a lot of different pockets/communities of Steemit that do awesome work to help promising new users.

My pleasure :) I should say they all relate to me/paula/our witness and yes you are right, there are a tonne of pockets/communities looking out for new recruits. It's a huge subject, good luck!

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