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Just for fun I decided to add a new page to Steem Ocean that only displays the recently active witnesses who made at least one upvote during the data period - to see their voting stats and rank in the voter rank table.

steem ocean - diving deep into the blockchain

It's important to point out here that witnesses do a lot more for Steem and the Steem eco-system than provide upvotes as typical users do - so it is not really super helpful to try to assess them based on their position in the Steem Ocean Voter Ranking table alone. However, it's still an interesting data resource to see how each of the witnesses vote and the kind of money they are moving around with their votes and where it goes. Just be aware when choosing witnesses to vote for that there is much more to consider than is shown on this new page at Steem ocean.

Note: I realise that I am actually near the bottom of the list - hence my strong focus on looking beyond this list.. lol
I am near the bottom mostly because of my rate of self upvoting, which in today's data comes out at around 28%. I don't actually think that a self upvote rate of 28% is particularly problematic, but it appears that the majority of Steemians self upvote less than me - so kudos to you all!

I will now be experimenting with less self upvotes and more upvotes for others - to see how how I can get in the list :)

You can check out the new witness page, here

What do you think? Is this useful for you?

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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steem ocean - diving deep into the blockchain

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Hahaha, I love a man who can stand for his word, it shows you are bold enough to make your decisions.
I can never judge you for self upvoting because I wasn't their when you were growing yourself. Only you can tell how you end up on the top... Smile

But you are not a terrible self upvoter like some others, you still maintain an healthy community by voting for others as well... Smile


Well, the higher performing witnesses get paid lot of money for that, so they don't have much need to self upvote - they will earn a lot anyway.. So the lower performing witnesses are more likely to be lower down the vote rank table.

I try to introduce balance in everything I do, so that means upvoting good posts freely, but also not ignoring helping my own posts get a boost. I will see how things go with no self votes though, maybe it will be ok now.


I will see how things go with no self votes though, maybe it will be ok now.

It is a good idea, it will help to determine how much help you are getting back from the community as well. But as for me, I don't see anything wrong in self upvoting your content as long as a balance community is maintained.

Lots of people buy their ways to the top, they need to at least enjoy the rewards of their investment as well, though while maintaining a balance community like you do... Smile

Steemocean keeps on being more awesome with each new update! :)


Thanks - have a long list of features to add here.. I'll aim to put a new one in every few days. :)

It's important to point out here that witnesses do a lot more for Steem and the Steem eco-system than provide upvotes as typical users do

Yeah we quite do and I must say , the platform would be in a state of dilemma without them. For those who do not know , kindly check the #whitepaper .
Well self upvoting isn’t and shouldn’t be a condemnation and as long as it’s not then you’re good my friend. Smiles, I do it too so you’re not alone

It's my first time time coming across steemocean. I must say, I'm really impressed. Kudos.

What do you think? Is this useful for you?

The more transparency the better, in my opinion.

Very interesting.

Helpful post , thank you . I really like it , keep good work .

I resteem your post on my blog .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @ura-soul

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