SteemNova - 2018-04-03 Daily alliance shares and player rewards

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Last Day: Latest news, politics, epic battles and intergalactic Steem participation in the SteemNova world.

Political situation

D-A-CH is finally in the first place! 37 members team cannot be ignored power anymore. The next are SYNCHRO and new 3rd standing attender Logic Force.
What's happening with giant BCA everybody fear of for weeks? They are definitely losing their momentum.


BuildTeam Gang alliance with Galaxy Fleet
Galaxy Fleet Academy alliance with Galaxy Fleet
Galaxy Fleet Academy alliance with BuildTeam Gang
League of Nobles alliance with Synchronized Worlds
D-A-CH alliance with Logic Force

Non-aggression pacts

Synchronized Worlds non-aggression pact with BuildTeam Gang
The Sovereign non-aggression pact with Logic Force
The Sovereign non-aggression pact with Rugged Academics
The Sovereign non-aggression pact with Steemianie
D-A-CH non-aggression pact with BuildTeam Gang
The Sovereign non-aggression pact with BuildTeam Gang
League of Nobles non-aggression pact with BuildTeam Gang
The Sovereign non-aggression pact with League of Nobles


Dipomatic relations between TOP 8 Alliances

Latest epic battles

Hall of Fame
1. @jozef230 VS @techslut - 9339kreport
2. @jozef230 VS @sarmaticus & @desteemy & @mys & @djoker - 6994kreport
3. @djoker VS @mwfiae - 3572kreport
4. @jozef230 VS @desteemy & @whd - 2591k + MOONreport
5. @jplaughing VS @fknet - 2401kreport

1 moons were created. Gratz to @desteemy & @whd!

Market prices

Daily shares and rewards

Formula goes as follows:
Reward = Player Points / Alliance Points * Alliance Shares Percentage

Summary for current standings 2018-04-03 23:00 CET:


Synchronized WorldsPointsShares

Logic ForcePointsShares

League of NoblesPointsShares


Primera OrdenPointsShares

BuildTeam GangPointsShares

Wolf from Wall StreetPointsShares

Total rewarded 90 players out of 437
*percentage share of total SBD this post payout


People registered names in game should be equal to Steem account name. @steemnova account will reward players from this post SBD earnings in single transactions after 7-14 days post living.

Starting from 1 April 2018, "Weekly Alliance shares and player rewards" will transition into Daily ones. Payouts will occur once a week, being a sum of 7 preceeded daily posts.

SteemNova Discord server

SteemNova GitHub project

"The Steem must flow"

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@jozef230 such fighter. 3/5 HoF battles :O


Who next?👊💪💪😀

I see the balance of forces begin to crystalize.


No it would be amazing if it crystalize so I could use the cristall to do research.


With the last Fleet Merchant update.
You can turn any type of ship into scrap metal and crystal.

Interesting to do this daily now. Hopefully it will increase interest in the game due to more rewards being handed out.

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