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I would like to introduce you to a game about steemit that needs to be known.
The latter takes the basics of the famous online game OGAME, with some additional improvements.
The team is dynamic and attentive to any proposal, which is a not insignificant.
A reward system in SDB is performed every 24 hours (payable once a week).
This game is addictive, I can tell you about it since I play Ogame for many years.
In this publication, I will not go into the details of the game, but you will generally present it.

STEEMNOVA what is it?

Steemnova is a game where you have to develop your empire to dominate other players.
As in all good strategy games, you are free to be more offensive or defensive in the way you play.
There are two types of players

  • The stiffness, which wants a big fleet of battleships to attack (raid) the other players and plunder their resources, in order to progress.

  • The miner is a little peasant of the game, he will harvest, protect these resources, build more building to expand his empire.
    These two strategies are not fixed, some players enjoy the benefits of the two possibilities offered, it is up to you to find your balance.

    The development of your empire involves the creation of new building of resource productions, but also by research that will allow you to unlock another technological advance.

It will be necessary to continue to evolve your levels once a building is built or a technology is created.

What I like in this game is really the strategy, each account is unique, each player has his own vision of evolution. The goal is of course to evolve faster than the others.

We could compare this game to AGE OF EMPIRE the mythical video game, but without the graphic side and endless game after a few hours of play.
In AOE we had our peasants looking for resources, and then we started researching technologies.
These last allowed to equip our knights to go to fight.
In Steemnova we find a bit the same master plan, but with the difference of a game based on a more targeted evolution.
Unlike AOE, we do not need to make knights to be in the top players. We can create our empire much more peacefully, but we will still have to be able to respond to attacks by defense. def.JPG

Steemnova earns rewards, you have to be part of an alliance and it's in the top of the day.
We are in the first months of this game and placing an alliance in the top every day is possible with a minimum of knowledge and players in the latter.
I take this opportunity to promote our Francophone Alliance.
We are currently in the top 10 general classification with 7 members, I invite all francophones to join us to enlarge us.
We are currently two players to very well know the game OGAME and these techniques with @itharagaian.
We will help you internally to understand this game and also to develop faster.
In this huge and beautiful platform that is Steemit, we meet without really knowing the French members or not.
Steemnova makes it possible internally to make knowledge and to enlarge our follows steemit.

See you soon on STEEMNOVA


lol ok compris, vrsion anglaise

Need more bigger tutorial.

This publication represents the game, I would later different publication explaining each part of the game