Steemnova 8.27.18 Open Diary

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Steempower has taken 3rd overall rank in alliance. Furthermore @maxer27, leader of their alliance, has taken a respectable lead ahead of @potplucker and I. I am unable to catch up to maxer with only growing my own resources. His fleet score has risen the past couple of days. Which means to me he is likely ready to start attacking planets at a more rapid pace.

I for one prefer to build resources and grow my buildings versus building a fleet. At the beginning of the month I lost half of my entire fleet all in one attack. That lose prove to me that "fleet save" is very important and must be a daily ritual if one is to protect their fleet.

I am not one that can watch over my fleet 24/7 so rather than growing a fleet I will go the route of building on defense. It may not be an exciting decision to make but a lot of the top players in steemnova have large enough fleets to destroy my fleet in one attack. Rather than trying to catch up now with growing a fleet I prefer to go the route of building and increasing defense. I will be back in a couple of weeks to report on my progress. Thanks!

If you wish to watch me try to grow my crypto wealth please follow me: @mawit07


Date of post: 8/27/2018

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That is kind of the route I have decided to go, build my defenses and just make it annoying for people to attack me.