Steemnova - Two about messages, one about speed

in steemnova •  9 months ago

I keep enjoying this game. Longer than I thought, I have to confess.

I have three topics to mention, perhaps they can be improved.

The first two regard to messages and language. I play with the English version. Sometimes I receive messages that are not in English (my guess is it's Polish).

  1. This is a fight report, from an attack I suffered (deeply). You can see the curious situation that some of the reports are in English, but some are not.

  1. Another attack, but on an expedition. The message is some system information.

The last issue is the speed of light cargos. I favoured them instead of large cargos because I had the idea they would double their speed once I did some level in some research. I believe the code was fixed, as stated in this message:

But I don't see the increased speed! Maybe someone can look into this again.

Thanks for Steemnova, a fun and enriching game for us Steemians.

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Hey there, its me again^^

It doesn't seem like any of my recent changes are "productive" right now.
So it shouldn't be a problem with the code not working, but just that we need to wait even more.


@gregario protip: in ubuntu you can make screenshot & cut them at once with shift + print screen keys :)


good, thanks, but I did not understand. Please explain the tip to me, so I'll use it next time. What did you notice?


Now I get it! I should have cut the image! I'll do that next time. Thanks a lot!


There we go! Nice one, @zb0oj.


No necesitas sino usar la herramienta de tomar fotos del firefox , que es la que yo uso @gregario, en la url del navegador le tas a los puntos suspensivos y alli luego a take screenshot, es super util. Si no te funciona entonces instala el shutter, que es otra herramienta poderosa para tomar fotos. SI presionas la tecla PRNTSCRN te tomara el ubuntu una foto por defecto usando el SCROT, se te almacena en el directorio home, cualquier cosa me preguntas y te ayudo.

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I think I understand what happens regarding messages received in a different language. They seem to come in the language in which the other player involved is playind SteemNova.

A mi me sucede lo mismo, me suelen atacar cuando hago expediciones, he perdido varias flotas asi, pero ya estoy trabajando en eso. Esperemos que se solucione este problema.