Buy Steem.Accounts with PayPal

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You can now purchase new Steem accounts directly with PayPal. This allows you to pay in your native currency.

1st: Open the Steem.Ninja website and click

2nd: Read the notice and click "I understand. Continue"

3rd: Now chose a username and click "Validate Username"

4th: Store all your keys in a secure place. If you lose them you will lose the access to your account permanently.

5th: Click the PayPal button to start the payment process

6th: Login to PayPal and chose your preferred funding source to pay for your new account.

7th: After you have paid we confirm your payment, create your account and initiate the Steem Power delegation.

Thats it! You can now goto and login with your posting key.

If you have any questions feel free to join our public Steem.Ninja Discord server:

We're looking forward to all the amazing stuff you will contribute to Steem!

Steem.Ninja in a Nutshell

Steem.Ninja provides the following services as a complete turnkey package:

  • Easily purchase instant Steem accounts for $2.50 (minimum) with card payment.
  • Each account automatically gets a 15 Steem Power delegation for 90 days.
  • Easy purchase of 90 day Steem Power delegations in varying amounts with card payment.
  • Instant purchase of Steem using USD credit card payments (coming soon!)
  • Referral program (anyone can earn money for selling Steem accounts)
  • Account recovery in case your accounts get hacked.
  • Website Widget for easy implementation into any dapp / website front end
  • Easily sell Steem Power Delegations and earn percentage.

If you are interested in integrating Steem.Ninja into your website/app/dapp or project please go to the Ninja Widget Generator and feel free to join our Discord: if you have any questions.

Please check out the
Introductory Steem.Ninja post for more information!

You can also implement the Steem.Ninja widget into your blogs, by simply posting your widget link into the body text of a blog

If you like what we do please vote for us as a witness:

For any issues or queries please contact us on: [email protected]

>>>>> Buy a Steem Account <<<<<

STEEM NINJA is powered by @Oracle-D.


This makes me feel like:

Awesome job @oracle-d!

This needs to be integrated into the home page of Steemit and other frontends so new users can easily discover it.

You're right! To make it easy for developers and individuals to integrate Steem.Ninja in any website, blog or even Steem post we created a simple widget generator. You can find it at:

The widget was insanely easy to implement to my Agar like game on Steem.

Any gamers here?

Compete, have fun and win SBD

Thanks for your service!

Looks like the widget isn't showing up for me properly. I tried to do the Steem post version, but it just shows the link text. At least in the preview. I tried on Steemit and esteem.

The widget opens in a new tab if you use it in your post. To show it on the same page you would have to also load the required javascript which is not supported by any Steem frontend.

Another awesome task completed. Well done. This brings in another whole community.

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Check out the Video Here:

These efforts are what will drive Steem and Steemit adoption. Kudos to all for the great work!

Great stuff. Will integrate it into our beta-version to be put in front of the eyes of the world at United Nations‘ Festival of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The link you sent to my wallet to take your survey is not clickable on steemit. if you want to leave me he link here I will be glad to take your survey ! keep up the great work and all that you do for the platform, best of luck to you!
upped and resteemed for you

Hi @karenmckersie,

links in memos are never clickable. Unfortunately we have no influence on this. If you still want to participate you may use this link: Steem.Ninja Survey


The Ninja

Ok thanks for the link👍🙋

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Hope you've found some way to cover your ass from chargebacks... Their are scammers out there that will gladly steal from you using a chargeback method.. :/


accounts for which we have to deal with chargebacks are automatically added to the Oracle-D blacklist which is integrated in themarkymarks global blacklist api.


The Ninja

What is the difference with the free services?


Good question. If you apply for a free account at you need to provide an email and your phone number and it can take a week or two until your account is created. With Steem.Ninja you can create your own account within minutes. We offer this service to allow people to easily get started with Steem. If you have more questions I would like to invite you to our Discord server:


The Ninja

I will add this to the STEEM IT part on my website, I believe having a paypal option and promoting this to the masses can bring a massive new stream of sign ups towards the STEEM IT platform, what do you think guys?


if you plan to integrate Steem.Ninja into your website checkout our handy website widget:


The Ninja

This is groundbreaking!!!!! Now people who don't know to much about crypto can just create a steem it account, we should promote this! Any chance of bringing a compensation plan with it??

Any idea when the "buy steem" option becomes active?

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Hello @tonygreene113,

buying Steem with your credit card is already available. Please checkout CryptoVoucher for more information.


The Ninja

I'm half tempted to go buy one now to check it out! Despite having about 50 claimed accounts!

Unrelated question if anyone's paying attention, does anyone contact the new users in anyway after about 80 days to warn them that their 15 SP delegation is running out?

They receive a small transfer from blocktrades a few days before their delegatione expires. This transfer also includes instructions on how to extend the delegation if they want to.

I like the way u think sir! We should probably s nd then an automated memo if they have low sp after 80 days

It would be a good idea, although after I wrote that comment I did think that 90 days should be enough time to have earned enough replacement SP.

Still worth sending a reminder though.

A reminder is already sent to everyone

That's so cool! And here I thought Paypal doesn't like cryptos. It seemed they are changing there stance. Thanks for the update!

No, they aren't changing their stance at all. It's a loophole as stated by's reply.

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We sell the service of account creation. Not any crypto currency :)

Oh a paypal integration. Very cool. Resteemd :-)

This is fantastic!

Wish you all the best guys!

Awesome update... creating a steem account has become easier.

This is fantastic, nice work. I am however curious, how are you going to deal with chargebacks? If someone buys an account and then lodges a dispute, PayPal famously tends to side with consumers when it comes to cryptocurrency type transactions (which is why you can't really buy crypto with PayPal), do you have anything in place to stop that?


good question. First of all by purchasing an account you accept our ToS which state:

21.2 Due to the nature of a new account being automatically delegated Steem, and the
manner in which we may utilise third party providers of Steem Power delegations, we do not
offer any refund for any reason on newly created accounts or Steem Power delegations.

Secondly we do not sell crypto currency. We sell the service of account creation. Everyone can verify that the account was created using SteemD. If for some reason the account could not be created we would of course refund the payment.


The Ninja

Wow,for creating account in Steemit it now very easy.

Using PayPal we pay hear.Nice idea. I think it attract new users a lot.

Keep going

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Excellent! I am in the process of integrating Steem Ninja into my own social network and it will go live in a few days. It's good to know that Paypal is working. Note: you have a typo in the 3rd screenshot - it says 'loose' instead of 'lose'. ;)

Thanks for the notice. The mistake has been fixed and an update has been published!

Ultra cool!, You are making the process more simplified and exciting to hear about this update and development. Keep up the great work team.

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Very effective and useful post. Keep it up.

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Excellent project.

The code is available open source so other will be able to replicate your project. In that way, this will promote the use of Steem widely.

Cheers for now.


Steem.Ninja and all related services are not open source. There are no plans to open source Steem.Ninja in the future.


The Ninja

A good idea

Will be interesting to see how many accounts you guys has sold so far.

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About 1500 :)

It is a really good start and you project bring value to the Steem blockchain!

Another feather in our cap. We're moving forward and taking steem to another level.

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Usefull topic. Thanks for sharing.

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This is an awesome task Well done. I think everybody likes it. Thanks for your Update.

Super! Very useful article! Keep up the good work! I recommend you to everyone!

PayPall, Google Ads. What steemit is? Now?!


Steemit and Steem.Ninja are not related. is owned and run by Steemit Inc while Steem.Ninja is a project run by Oracle-D Communities Limited. Steem.Ninja is another way for people to get an account on Steem. If you visit you will find alternatives. Steem.Ninja is intended for people who do not want to wait for Steemit Inc to approve their free account and people who want to easily onboard their friends and family. If you have more questions feel free to join our Discord server at


The Ninja

Act the part and you will become the part. William James

If anyone uses the PORTokens ref link here for steem ninja . You'll earn 50 Port tokens!

Read more about us here.

yeah super method to instruction

No service anymore?

Very easy to use..I did the Paypal option as easy as 1 2 3


This is awesome well done!

Esto de hecho es una muy buena forma de atraer a nuevos usuarios

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Excelente información, lo tomare en cuenta

Hey @oresteg. ¿Cómo estás? Este es un blog en inglés, así que dudo que entiendan tu comentario jaja. ¿Te interesa usar Si quieres te ayudo para que crees una cuenta en Steem correctamente. :)

ok, gracias

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Hey guys,

I just filled in your latest survey and I spotted a spelling mistake if its worth correcting here it is.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 10.07.25.png

Already done ;)

Awesome ninjas work fast and in silence don’t they

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awesome making it easier for anyone to create acc. btw you guys gonna implement buy steem function via cc / paypal too ? it will be sooooo useful

🚀 🌕

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you can already purchase STEEM with your credit card. Checkout this post for more information:


The Ninja

An alternative way to get Steem, 👌
This I will try.

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Great inovations ..

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Wow!!! Finally have made steem proud... Am happy to see this news by my self, at least i can purchase steem with my PayPal account from All the way to

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we do not sell Steem or SBD with PayPal.


The Ninja

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