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Guess what people😄💝💝💝!!!
My steemit momma @jeaniepearl clocked one year on the 23rd of August.
My steemit momma @jeaniepearl has been a source of inspiration to me here on steemit 😀😀😀
Choiiii!!! She is super talented, creative and one of a kind 😍
I love her
Happy 1st steemit anniversary momma@jeaniepearl
More SBD's and steem
Okay guys💃💃💃💃💃💃,there is a contest to celebrate momma's anniversary
This is the guide below


1.When did you join steemit and which community did you join first.

I joined steemit in march 😍😍😍,my first community is @steemnaira
Best place you did ever be as a newbie and as a whale.

2.Who introduced steemit to you


3.What convinced you to join steemit

Lol!!!! Ahhhh
The fact I could make money while having fun💝

4.What do you like the most about steemit

It's a platform to meet great and creative minds!!!
Most importantly,Hardworking and intelligent Nigerians.

5.Your highest steemit upvote reward

$23.00 lolzzz

6.Your best experience on Steemit

When I started @boostafriend's business Tuesday with the tag #BoostafriendbusinesstuesdayPhotoGrid_1532762039007.jpg

7.Your worst experience on Steemit

When I made a long beautiful post and I hard no up vote... Lol

8.Your steemit role model

I have lots of role models here o
But I would narrow it down to my male and female role model
Male:@surpassinggoogle lol my sweetheart always !!
I love you terry
Female: @jeaniepearl momma yoooo!!!!

9.Your steemit angel


10.Your steemit crush

Lolzzzz na Steempower be fine bobo😄😄😄😄...kikiki you are my steemit crush

11.Your best male friend on steemit

Lol I disturb him almost always!!!
Thanks for been sweet dear🤗🤗🤗🤗

12.Your best female friend on steemit

Lol @oredebby namesy
You know I love you .

13.Your most memorable steemit meet up

My mini meet up with @yungchief and @jacobite

14.A steemit wish

I want a million steempower🤓🤓🤓🤓
And I also want boost a friend business Tuesday to be a Tuesday trend for all steemians


hug -- @fatherfaith
and slap ------ cheetah ?

16.Will you be at SIN2 ?

Osheeeyyyy!!!!! Y not !!!!
You guys are coming to my city


@fatherfaith I appreciate all of your upvotes
@jeaniepearl @oredebby @jacobite @michealcj @aauthespian @hardebola @owen21 @yungchief @olawalium @steemnaira @chijamz @nairadaddy @tojukaka @uche-nna @everybody

Oyaaaa ooooooo participate!!!

When did you join steemit and which community did you join first
Who introduced steemit to you
What convinced you to join steemit
What do you like the most about steemit
Your highest steemit upvote reward
Your best experience on Steemit
Your worst experience on Steemit
Your steemit role model
Your steemit angel
Your steemit crush
Your best male friend on steemit
Your best female friend on steemit
Your most memorable steemit meet up
A steemit wish
kiss,hug and slap ?
Will you be at SIN2 ?

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Dopey dopey!!!!!
see how i am blushing

thanks bae kisses


Awwwn you deserve more momma

Wow, thanks for the hug. I really appreciate