Friendly heartaches...

in #steemnaira4 years ago

I was feeling very angry at myself and a whole lot of things lately, for reasons I can't categorically explain. This is what I mean.

There is this friend of mine that we have been together for well over 3 years now, he was and I think is still my favourite guy around. I love his ways and mostly because of the kind of respect he has for me even though he is older.
So sometime last year we moves in together into my apartment actually and we really cool together did almost everything together an people around began to wish they had each others back like we did.
Well fast forward a year later, our rent was due and we decided we want to move to a different place and guess what a third party came around, a friend of his that became a friend of mine. He stays around our target area so to be used to our new environment we were spending more time with him and his area.
Not long afterward my friends zeal to find a house decreased I was alone in the calls to agents and asking around and all that stuff. Typical of me I asked him what's up and he said nothing was wrong and we are still together in the search.

After about a week of this new found character I had to complain to our mutual friend because he seemed to be spending more time with him than with me and the reply I got was shoking to say the least.

My friend has talked to him about moving in with him and he was considering it seriously just waiting for me so he can tell me...and I brought it up.

I wasshell-shockedd because I didn't expect that from him and naturally you know how it goes, I became cold with him and was telling him off at every opportunity and understandably, that crushed our relationshipreallylly bad and we ended up living separately and we both regretted it.

So why did I bring this up?
Have you ever wondered why you have a pair of eyes and ears and just one mouth?

Well I don't know too but I reckon that it is because;
We retool;
SEE more than we TALK
HEAR more than we TALK
If I had known about this I would have said less and acted more or talk more to the right person and maybe listened to him explain his point to me, we probably would have made things work better than it did.

And I think this should be the watchword in all our relationships because when you insist on being heard you'd end up talking to yourself.
I can't end it without saying we made up and we are still strong because we stopped hearing what other people were saying and talked to ourselves.


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