Ulog for Sin2 Abuja _ 30th oct_arrival.

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Hello steemians
How's everything going .
Well I'm so happy,i and my friends @itoroarchibong @emem @Kristie #ikeke babes travelled all the way from Uyo,akwa ibom to Abuja for Steemit in Nigeria 2(sin2),sorry I couldn't post yesterday, phone was down and I was so busy.
That's I and @kweeenzykruzy .

All of us eating our African delicious meals.
So we got to the hotel and met with other steemians,the crew members and all.
Well let me feed yours eyes with pictures. Lol I'm out of words and super excited.

Our arrival into Abj.
My 🆔 card, it's so beautiful...
IMG_20181031_141642.jpgAnd I'm beautiful.
Then free dinner came in. Gosh the food was so sweet.

I'm glad to be here,like I'm so loving it.
I'd be giving you updates on it, thanks for checking out my blog.


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