Rejection, A Redirection To Your Purpose

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Usually, we feel sad and frustrated when others reject us or our ideas. Also, people may not appreciate your effort or hard work. At such times, things may not work out the way you expected them. You may feel that you are drifting away from your purpose if things didn’t go as expected.


However, rejection may be the opportunity you need to reach your target. When you feel that you have failed in actualizing your dreams, it is the right moment to reflect on your plans and refocus. Your true potential will evolve when you remain determined and change direction to achieve your purpose.

Don’t see rejection as the end of your dreams. It is an indication that you are taking risks to achieve your purpose. You need to make changes when such unfavorable moments occur. Such changes will help you to develop your skills and achieve success. They will also help you to overcome failures and setbacks that may occur in the pursuit of your purpose.

View rejection as an opportunity to have a better understanding of your aspirations. At such moments, a reflection will help you to determine if the dream you are pursuing is really yours. Find out if what you are working on will enable you to achieve your purpose.

Never allow rejection to deter you from moving forward. Instead, you can find your greatest strength when you are down and frustrated. Your determination at this moment can propel you to the top. Success is built on your ability to overcome obstacles.

Try to discover where you stand when you experience rejection or failure. You may think that you are losing something good at that moment. However, rejection may be the redirection you need to get to the top.


Yep! People are afraid of rejection. Fear is fail early and responsibly.

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