The story behind the SteemMovie posters & why we need your help 💪

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➡ Our main goal after fooling you all on April 1st, is to raise more and more attention to the Hashtag #SteemMovie, in order to raise funds for a possible realization of a real Steemit documentation and crowdfunding campaign.

Update: We already had first meetings this week, so things are going in the right direction!

We were really happy about the contributions already made by @altobee, @maxpatternman and @povoq btw, even though they’re not part of the LimeCrew – thanks so much for participating, guys.


All #SteemMovie posters so far:

Creators: @nissla, @annikafried, @lifestylerat, @hdrr, @berndpfeiffer, @altobee, @njoy.thejourney, @maybelater, @povoq, @beate and maxpatternman.

You want to join or help?

➡ Pick one of your favourite movies and give it a little Steemit flair (f.e. “Terminator” => “Steeminator”). Create a poster for your new movie. #SteemStyle.
➡ Use the hashtag #steemmovie or resteem this article to spread the word 😊

❗ Attention: Please make sure not to use any copyright protected material for your artwork, like original pictures etc!

Make it real :)

We will keep you posted :)



So far i cant use Photoshop. But i can give you examples:

Ziemlich beste Steemer
James Bond: Der Steem vergisst nie
Das Schweigen der Flagger
The good, the bad and the steemer
Batman: the dark steem
Steem City
40 erste Upvotes
The million dollar vote
Dirty Steeming

Ich mach mich dann mal an
Batman : the dark knight resteemt

Pulp Upvote
Reservoir Flags
Matrix Resteemed
Upvote Bill
Machete steems
Ein verhängnisvoller Upvote
Im Schatten des Upvotes
Der Witness
Ey Mann, wo ist mein Upvote?

Steem Club.jpg

Voilà! Fight Club im Steem-Flair! Link zum Post

Ich finde es toll, dass viele Steemians so kreativ sind👍 @limesoda das Projekt ist echt genial🤘 Bitte weiter so😊

Hm, maybe

James Bond: A Quantum Steem, Die drei Fragesteemer, In achtzig Tagen um die Blockchain, Beauty and the Steemer, Iron Steem, Steemtopia

Ich glaube, wir müssen tatsächlich einen Steemit Film machen.
Beim Crowd-Funding würde ich mich beteiligen.

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