Undead Minotaur

in #steemmonsters5 years ago

Undead Minotaur is a unique death monster with cool abilities which is super cheap and undervalued. With these abilities l would call this monster a death machine. With retaliate ability he revenges from every enemy who damages him and additionally he has double strike ability which makes him extremely powerful. Imagine you use Daria Dragonscale and Pixie then this card will have 5 melee attack at max level which is great. Excluding low health everything is great about this card. He has normal speed, cool abilities, 3+ melee attack. If you like to play with death team then you should try this card. Because it's a reward card you can just buy this card for 2 cents (sometimes even for 1 cent) where other beta cards sell for at least 4 cents

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