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As many people know my area has always been graphic design and the audiovisual field and I have used it for the construction of different logos, images and other content for projects such as @elarca @capsula, @stellae, @c-squared, @la-colmena as well as designs for my own content and development as a creator.

In this opportunity after spending so much time playing Steem Monsters I could not avoid creating a platform-based infograph to try to explain in an interactive and simple way the operation or rather the advantages of this game built on the blockchain of STEEM.



Disclaimer: All images used are the property of Steem Monsters. Steem Monsters. Some numerical details have been extracted from a project created by @holger80

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Hello! I just happened to tell you that if you need an illustrator to work with you, I invite you to go through my blog, and see my drawings, it would be a pleasure to be part of this community.

version saturada.png

Wow. This is awesome. Care if we mention it on the show tomorrow?


Thank you guys! Feel free to mention and even share this information in the different networks you manage. Let's make Steem Monsters an amazing place.

@steemmonstersshow brought me here! Cool stuff.


Thanks reseller!

awesome effort on the inforgraphic !! wow 45k game per day 0.0. Show more dragons =)

PS :
If you’re posting content on instagram, give share2steem a look. It’s a new dapp that easily autopost your social media posts to steemit.

Nice sums up @zaxan Hope to meet you in game soon :D


thanks wilhb81! Yeah! Go up in the new season!

I love it! Time to share that out, get people interested...

Beautiful chart! Do you mind me using it tying to get more people to play? And also, will you keep updating it? That would be amazing. Thanks!

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Yes, I will try to continue updating this as the interaction in the game increases. Be free to share it on your networks. Let's grow SM. ♥

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