Steem Monsters Giveaway 4 RARE FIRE CARDS

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Lets announce the former winner

@shoemanchu is very luck guy and this Assasin will be 76th in his collection.

He has just received 4th level SKELETON ASSASSIN Card - Hurray!

Link to the last giveaway.

Why do the giveaways?

Because I became a fan and I want everyone to get in on all the fun regarding Steem Monster. Also want to see some creativity from the Steemit community. So far it has been AWESOME! Keep up the good work guys and girls.

What is the prize today?

You will get 4 RARE FIRE CARDS below

How to join? Just finish the phrase in the comments

"Monsters are always ..."

What are the rules?

  1. Make one fun comment by completing the phrase above with anything you would like. Creative comments will receive upvotes. Only one entry for one account, so more comments don't give you a bigger chance to win.
    For example: Monsters are always looking at me like I should be ashamed :))

  2. Will choose a lucky winner randomly using or any other random generator in 48 hours after posting

Doing the following will not be obligatory, but if you do, I would really love it!

Where will we see the results?

And the winner is.... @kryptocek - lets congratulate him!

Have just sent @kryptocek the prize.

Also I loved @rentmoney comment so I will be sending him 1 RARE FROZEN SOLDIER, keep it up!

Source of inspiration

Have seen so many posts by @o07, joined all of them I could and decided to make a giveaway as well!

I mean even collecting cards if fun, imagine how cool it will be to play!

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Monsters are always friendly!


Aren't they just sweet? :))


Congratulations! You have won! I have sent you the prize!

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Monsters are always telling me how ugly I am, they don’t want to hang out with me, co I’m apparently not in their type.


Monsters can be that way sometimes :))

Monsters are always in our dreams even when they are unseen.


Spooky comment :))

Monsters are always chasing us away,now its time to chase them away in return!!!!


Yeah, let them battle each other!

Monsters are always ....

Looking for cookies !


@rentmoney, as always I absolutely love your comments. Hahaha. You will receive a prize from me even if the randomizer does not choose you!


Awesome ... thanks !


Have sent you a Rare Frozen Soldier :)


Nice .. thanks !

Monsters are always ready to rumble!


Sounds very cool. Just like before the much is about to begin!

Monsters are always hangry! 😆

🙚   SteemMonsters:Site   • Discord   |   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘


I bet they are hungry for battle and can't wait to fight in those tournaments!


Oh yes! My hangry monsters are definitely getting ready for the tournaments! 👍

Monsters are always hungry to scare people so fight back with steemmonsters.


Yeah, lets do it!

Wow, Thank you so much. Much appreciated. New update, now I have 87 Gold Assassins... I win I win, Lol


You lucky guy!

Monsters are always...trying to get you! Mwahahaha! 👾


They would eat you up real nice :)

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Monsters are always hiding in the shadows.


In the shadows under the bed, just like @jznsamuel said :)

Monsters are always under your bed :D


Nice one! Another spooky comment :)

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Monsters are a big mystery to me! 😊


Same here :)

Monsters are always few mouse clicks away ;-)


They really are, thank you for your entry!

Monsters are always seem intimidating but some are friendly!

Monsters are always silent, calm and friendly - when they are sleeping

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"Monsters are always HAPPY!"

Monsters are always eating up my STEEM! I call them STEEM Monsters!

Monsters are always look cool!

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