steem keychain, a browser extension for google chrome. It works beautifully.

When I click pay with vessel, it's stuck on..

"Steem Monsters is waiting for the blockchain to confirm your transaction. This may take up to 2 minutes"

Oh never mind, vessel is a wallet I would need to install. It would be nice to be able to just send steem to an address, like with the other crypto options.

Try steem keychain. It's as simple as possible.

But that would require me to use my private key lol Ive lost 4.5 btc to a hack this year

OMG I just tried keychain, it says

The current website is trying to send a transfer request to the Steem Keychain browser extension for account @cyberblock using the active key, which has not been added to the wallet.

sounds like you need to add your active key. At the start I would suggest adding your keys by putting your master password in. It doesn't save your master password. It just uses it to generate the different keys. It's open source so you can verify what I just said.