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RE: Steem Monsters Gameplay Mechanics Revealed!

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I'm wondering, will the playback of each game be saved so players can go back and review them?

Yes, absolutely! We also plan to add pause/rewind/fast forward features too so you can really analyze everything that happens.


I was wondering whether it'd be possible to also save battle logs (in text form) for us to read through and analyze later, without having to keep pausing/rewinding/forwarding the animated battles. It'd be particularly useful to me because I'm visually impaired and can't see the animated battles :P . Not sure whether many other people would like this, though.

The battle logs will be in JSON format, so it will be possible for anyone to parse them and display them however they want!

Thank you for the info! So, battle logs were already in the plans? Great to know! I really hope to be able to play this game :D .

thanks for pointing out this conversation

hi bro you havegreat blog i like it😗

Is that the json i got to see or is this one with just who played and how it ended up? Because i'm guessing that's what our service is probably most interested in.
Seeing how many times a card was used in battle
How often that card was on a winning team
However i guess knowing what placement he's usually used in
And how early it usually dies
Those are a bit more advanced. haha

No, no one has seen battle logs yet. From the sm_team_reveal you can see what cards were used and what placement they are in, but that's it really.

But everything will be fully available once it's ready to launch so don't worry!

Awesome! Looking forward to doing this. Already thinking about my teams.

Make sure you have play on slow speed as well. I watched that game a couple times on .25x speed. haha

This sounds cool, and has such possibilities for video creators! Thanks for this.

Agreed! Though I’d consider a horizontal linear row of cards in a line vs another line below for battle presentation

this will be a great feature when trying to figure out what happened in a battle and then tweaking your Team..!

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