End of this Steemmonsters season... Rewards. Was it worth it?

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You can earn reward cards for playing #Steemmonsters.


  • Every day you complete your daily quest.
    • I earned 618 cards valued at $31.09 over the 2 week season.
  • At end of season, you get reward cards based on where you finished in the league.
    • I earned 224 cards valued at $12.37 at the end of this season.
  • Total value of 842 reward cards earned this season = $43.46
    • Divide that by 14 days (length of season)
      • $3.03 / day = value of the reward cards.
  • $43.46 / 842 = $0.05+ value of each reward card.
    • This was my average for this 2 week season.
      • You may average significantly above or below this.

The number of daily reward cards received is based on where you stand in the league.

  • This varies from 1-20.

The number of reward cards received at end of season is based on the highest league standing you achieved for the season.

  • This varies from 5-150.

A played several teams daily for the entire season.

A completely level 1 team

This from https://discord.gg/CAFJRjY, then scroll down the left side to sm-voters_hut.
Then type in $stats yourteamname
:stars: Steem Monsters Stats for: pocus :stars:
Number of cards: 74 - Alpha: 0 - Beta: 56 - Promo: 0
Common: 32, Rare: 28, Epic: 13, Legendary: 1
Gold cards: 0 ## BCX: 56 ## Value: $ 13.23 ##

This team won 43 reward cards from daily quests and 18 reward cards at end of season.

  • 61 cards * $0.05 = $3.05 in 2 weeks.
    • $0.21 / day
      • If I could maintain that for 63 days I would earn $13.23. (Double my money)
  • When I dabbled in selling life insurance for a short period of my life,
    I used to talk about how great earning a guaranteed 4% income off your life insurance investment was a great deal, because, after all, you would double your investment every 18 years. If you start investing at a young enough age, the average person, earning average wages with consistent investment into savings could retire a millionaire.
    • But, look what I just did with my Steemmonsters investment.
      • 18 years = 6570 days to double your money with a guaranteed 4% interest.
        If I can keep doing what I did the last 14 days, for 63 days, I would double my investment.

What if I invested all earnings back into steemmonsters?

A level 3 summoner account

:stars: Steem Monsters Stats for: hocus :stars:
Number of cards: 74 - Alpha: 0 - Beta: 56 - Promo: 0
Common: 32, Rare: 29, Epic: 13, Legendary: 0
Gold cards: 0 ## BCX: 411 ## Value: $ 56.55 ##

Earned 105 cards

  • valued at about $5.25
    • $0.375 / day
      • It would take 150.8 days to double my investment.

A level 4 summoner account

:stars: Steem Monsters Stats for: redheadsylvia :stars:
Number of cards: 77 - Alpha: 0 - Beta: 59 - Promo: 0
Common: 34, Rare: 29, Epic: 13, Legendary: 1
Gold cards: 0 ## BCX: 921 ## Value: $ 128.39 ##

Earned 122 cards valued at $6.10

My main level 7 and 8 summoner account

:stars: Steem Monsters Stats for: wizardave :stars:
Number of cards: 522 - Alpha: 5 - Beta: 93 - Promo: 0
Common: 321, Rare: 137, Epic: 48, Legendary: 16
Gold cards: 30 ## BCX: 6655 ## Value: $ 840.17 ##

Earned 179 cards valued at $8.95

Additional notes:

  • The last day of the season just happened to fall on Valentines Day.
    Since I am happily married and wish to stay this way, I did Valentines Day stuff
    instead of work hard the last few hours of the season to maximize my rewards.
  • I really didn't hit the tournaments very hard this season, since life got a bit busy.
    There are additional rewards (steem, sbd, card packs, free accounts, ...) that can be earned there.
  • I did 1 steemmonster post that earned $1.04
  • There is usually a dip in the value of reward card prices the day the season ends and maybe a couple of additional days.
    • I researched the card values the day before the season ended.


I cannot retire off my steemmonster investment, yet...

  • I am quite happy earning about $3 / day, playing a game I really enjoy.

If you would like to get involved with Steemmonsters,
you can get your starter kit here...

  • Yes I make a bit from you purchasing through this link.
  • No it doesn't cost you anymore...




Great to see some thorough analysis, with numbers.
Auto tournaments are live on the test net, so we're looking really good for imminent launch.
Steemmonsters is just getting started.

That is great news we are getting that close to auto-tourneys!!!

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