Making my push for Diamond league. My steemmonsters strategy

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There's not long left now in this season of #steemmonsters. This season seems to have gone on forever. With just over 2 days to go it's time to push hard to make as high a league as possible.


With my very limited variety of cards and summoners only at level 3, I think making GOLD I or DIAMOND III is the best I can hope for.

My steemmonsters strategy is to play hard the first day or two and make it back to atleast SILVER II. From that point onwards I only log in to play the daily quests. This gives the players with much higher summoners and cards the chance to make thier way out of gold and makes sure I dont get my ass constantly handed to me and demoralise me.


So I've just made it to GOLD II and picked up today's DQs.

Didn't get anything special today, but like i said, 2 more day to get the DQs in a push got diamond.


I've toyed with just giving all my spare cards away, but after a chat with a friend, they suggested just selling tge lot to purchase the extra summoners to get to level 4. So that's what I'll do.

If anyone wants to trade any amount of my cards for some summoners let me know. I'm happy to make the trade in your favour to save me the time on selling them.



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Thought I had you :)


Never had a doubt!! #easy

Smashing it, Welshy :)
I remember when you were only slightly interested in dabbling.


I remember those days too. Then some Aussie bloke sent me a few cards and got me hooked!!

Im like the crack addicted whore and youre the pimp that got me hooked... Nice job buddy