MORTYS Bribes to sign up for bitshares, SteemMonsters and UUnit!

Offering to bribe account signups and potentially more gifts to combine a few things together!


1,000 (+) MORTYS for signing up for the following


Sign up for bitshares

proofofbribe comment with bitshares & eos names


Follow MortyTokens twitter
Join MORTYS Telegram

proofofbribe comment with eos & telegram names


Sign up for SteemMonsters

Comment where you saw this post shared if you do not have a STEEM account and need help getting one! May be giving away at least one STEEM account and Steemmonsters Splinterland starter deck!

proofofbribe comment with eos name with your steem name

UUnit - Free Digital Gold

UUnit - Sign up and get verified

1.) Sign up for UUnit
2.) Verfication Link

proofofbribe comment with eos name with your UUnit initials

Include picture of your first spin after being verified and possibly get more UUnits!