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RE: SCAM ALERT - Beware of @twizeh and other shady characters when trading outside Steem Monsters Market...

in #steemmonsters6 years ago (edited)

the same dude tried to scam a gold legendary from me, he offered me also alpha packs and send a screenshot with those "1200" ALPHA packs , but something was wrong who the hell has so many packs and almost no cards in the inventory,no maverick status, a very new steem account and almost no steem in his account, gladly I made some research and asked other TRUSTED steemians before I made the mistake- unfortunately he tried a similar scam on you and made money out of it .


Yeah... I was somewhat desperate to unload the card, as I have pending expenses that need taken care of. I certainly learned the hard way to either trade with people I know, use a middleman, or just sell in the market.

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