Steem Monsters Daily Tip + 500 DEC Daily Give Away #208(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM ,FOLLOW REQUIRED)

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Although today's 500 DEC give away is a nice heavy chunk of DEC dont forget tomorrow is the end of month MONSTER give away. 10,000 DEC and three booster packs will be handed out along with a some bonus prizes. Make sure you come back tomorrow for your chance of win.

Today's Give Away

*comment another give away channel we should all follow including your own if you do give away's.

Today's Tip- speed

This is a stat that is often overlooked but can be the difference between a win and lose. The cards speed will provide multiple advantages First is the obvious that the cards with the higher speed will be able to go first allowing you to take out enemy cards before they get a turn.

The second advantage is if the enemy mele card speed is much lower than the card it is attacking there is a good chance their attack will miss. This can be and has many times been the deciding factor.


Yesterdays winner was and still is @cryptonnja, congrats buddy. Go give him a follow and some love. 500 DEC already sent.

Don't forget about tomorrow!


In my opinion @rentmoney come up with some awesome series of Contests. Stay blessed.

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Thanks for the mention @chireerocks.

Welcome and stay blessed.

Another shoutout to/for @cryptofiloz for all the !monster giveaways. Probability smiled on me once today. Maybe also a second time @threejay?


These !monster givers haven't beet mentioned yet (in alphabetical order):


I might enter a lot of raffles..... I do decently in Gold League. Working on making the jump into Diamond....

Thanks @threejay for all you do.

I do giveaways but not every day like you do, I also tip DEC in Telegram often. I gave away about 10 untamed packs today after I hit Champion I and 2 days ago I gave away 5K DEC, 20 Untamed packs for the twitter DEC Voting poll, lol! That was fun! ! That was a relief, lol! Now I can relax! Good luck with the season-ending!!!
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I need to be more active in telegram. Congrats on champion 1, that is beast mode.

freemonster.... has a daily Splinterlands card giveaway.

I used to like @zaku which later was continued with @zaku-spt. I think it has stopped though.
Your is the only one I follow without fail.

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