Steem Monsters Daily Tip + 500 DEC Daily Give Away #198(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

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I hope all is good, today I have some quick housecleaning to do first. In two days for my 200th give away I will be giving away a pack or two or three instead of DEC as requested by you folks. Good Luck to you all. Next I have a tournament for noobs or low level players in a couple hours. the entry is 1 DEC to keep bots out. Please join if applicable, link below. Thanks to @wonderwop for the great idea.

Todays Give Away

  • Comment If you or I could create your ideal tournament what would you want to see in it, rule set, level cap prizes, anything you would like to see.

Daily Tip- low mana matches there are tree angles I will look at.

First strategy -Highest damage and health /shield as tank so cards like chain goblin in tank and then add one more card damage card that fills up your mana cap with poison and the chicken in the last spot to protect against sneak(first spot works for the chicken if the tanks speed is really low).

Second strategy- same as the first but add a heal instead of a second damage card use heal. If using heal I always put the chicken in last spot to protect the healer.

Last strategy- Use 4 mana tanks like spineback turtle or cerberus, these have high health/shield and decent damage but the ability's are key. one has thrones giving 2 damage when attacked the other has retaliate and heal(at level 5). now using lower mana tanks you can add two more cards and the chicken. highest health/damage ratio is key. what I do is use another healer and one more damage cards.

Bonus tip- ability's can and will win these matches. use thrones , poison, and heal when ever possible.


Yesterdays winner was @gregory-f, congrats. 500 DEC already sent buddy. Go give him a follow and some love.

See you all in 24 hours


I would like anything that dose not take long like single elimination the whole way threw

For me, the tournament you would have been ideal would be ... But if I had it started not at five in the morning.
:) 34 people confirmed participation ...
Out of 100 prizes ...
But I won 200 DEC - thanks


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no prob congrats buddy

i haven't played a tournament yet :(

i f***ing hate low mana matches - those are the worst

you should jump into mine if you have time it starts in 2 hours and 10 minutes and are guaranteed some DEC. I want people to try and see how they run

i must have just missed it -LOL

i dont look very often because i'm usually available for times they are posted

i will try to check more often

Thank you for the mention @threejay. I think a tournament where everyone played in the first round with no byes would be quicker.


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Thank you for the DEC!

I would create a tournament with silent summoners every round.

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@threejay thanks for the tournament. I had never gotten first place in a tournament ever before. I sent the DEC back to you to use as a prize for another giveaway or tournament.

awesome. good job buddy, wow thanks for the kind gesture but I will send it back, its yours.

Any kind of tournaments would be fun.

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Before we get the overnight tournaments, there is no ideal tournament. I just hate tournaments, I have to plan 2 hours ahead to play in one.

But ideal tournament is in silver or gold league for me (because I dont have maxed cards) and ruleset should be just regular cards

I'm down for single elimination, waiting around for rounds to complete are so boring. Maybe if the app was here and we had mobile notifications I wouldn't feel like that

Maybe forbidding single cards that are played most often would be interesting instead of forbidding a specific card type

i would like tournaments where it was impossible to bots with just a couple of cards to be winning DEC. And one where only true novices could play. However, from what I've read in Discord we're waiting on the Devs to sort out the first issue and there doesn't seem to be a solution for the second one.

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I like 99 mana matches but they can be scary at the same time because everyone puts up all their high mana powerful cards. No lost legendaries or silenced summoners because they are my secret weapon but no legendary summoners is ok

Thanks for the tournament @threejay! I got third but feel bad since I probably should not be considered a noob anymore. Still the semi-finals apparently had high skill players?

it is all good buddy, I dont care that much lol. congrats

I don't mind the low mana rounds. I kinda like it actually. Quick, and you know the opponent is is not coming at with a wall of cards.

As for tournaments. ugh. Best of one/faster elimination. That whole.. best of 5 or whatnot takes HOURS to get through. After that, tie the cards powers down to Novice rank. I mean, if you are hosting for newbies.. don't give the vets with level 8+ cards the run-way to smear out the newbies at a glance. Also, instead of one massive 180+ player event, break it down into a few 70 or LESS events. It might mean smaller prize pools, but at least it's not like a shark-feeding-frenzy where one super high level Vet/bot account wins. (again and again and again and again......)

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