Steem Monsters: 4000 DEC MEGA Give Away Plus Bonus Prizes

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Happy New Years Eve, I hope everyone is feeling like a million because I know I am. Today is the last day of the month and almost the first day of the new years. To celebrate I will give away 4000 DEC plus more.

Today's Give Away

*To win the 4000 DEC just leave a comment of your 2020 Goal (launch my game and quit my job)

Bonus Prizes

  • Upvote and resteem and make sure you let me know you did in the comments


All winners will be picked and paid on January 4th.

Good luck and have a great day.


make a lot of money
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I plan on spending more time with my fiance as she retires in April 2020.

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My goal for 2020 is to grow my splinterlands account, get my life in order, be able to pay my bills, and get out on my own.

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very attainable, stay focused and good luck

thats a good one (launch my game and quit my job)
i still got a lot of studying to do - been working on bit shifting/bit packing
i got the idea in my head - trying to equate thoughts to code is not easy LOL


have a great new year

happy new year to you and good luck

In 2020 I would like to be promoted to school, have fun, enter the diamond league in splinterlands
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best of luck my friend

My goal is to get rich somehow and not have to work anymore.

I am a super lazy person I have ANY kind of work.

The goal is the same every year, but the journey is different.

what would you do if you became super rich?

Make investments, and if SUPER rich then just enjoy a luxorious life and donate money to charities

Excellent New Year's prupuse. My purpose for this year is to produce a video blog . I hope to be constant.😊

consistency is key my friend

Quit my job and play your game!

It will have a high earning potential so who knows.

My goal is to get through the Canada immigration process and settle down in Canada by end of next year.
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great, good luck with that, my wife will have to do the same in the states at some point

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Upvoted and resteemed to my 7700 followers! My goal is to obtain a dragon jumper card.

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wow thank you for your support, good luck

Reach 10,000 steem before end of the year.
I am going to try doing this without spending any more fiat currency. Lost my shirt too many times investing and decided to try a different route. Earn it by meaningful interactions with all on social media platforms. Love spending hours everyday on steemit. Steemmonsters of course!

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with a lot of hard work you should be able to do it. hopefuly the price shoots up as you hit 10k

My goal in 2020 will be to read more and finish 2 books (over 500 pages) that are here at my bedside.

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I read 0 book in 2018 and finished 5 in 2019, maybe I can finish 10 this year

My 2020 goal, become a member of champion league.

great goal, what is the highest league you have reached?

My goal is make money
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let small things go

Upvoted resteemed. Goal help my daughter starting university degree

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My 2020 goals are to travel more, celebrate more of our amazing planet through photography, meet new friends, strengthen current friendships, and spend more time with a smile on!

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Thank you and happy New Years!

My 2020 goal is to win an esports tournament.

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I don't do goals or resolutions anymore. Happy, healthy and at peace would be enough. 😊

Happy New Year to you and yours! 💙

I want to collect all summoners for max level :D

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Thanks for doing this, @threejay

2020 goal: follow the doctor's advice and get healthy again

As I am 71 years old, my goal is to reach 2021. :=))

You will definitely... Your strong will power will help you do that. Stay strong and fit.
Wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

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I have set the all so common goal of hitting the work out equipment more frequently than I currently do.

Earn a lot of money and stay healthy....
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Happy new year to you.
I'm planning to come back and start steeming. Good to see that giveaways are still active here. They are encouraging.
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My 2020 wish is health for all and grow up in this game

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My circumstances in 2019 forced me to get into cooking, something I had thought I didn't like, but then I started enjoying it. In 2020, I want to stay healthy, and learn to make more food that's both tasty and healthy at the same time :D .

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Happy New Year!

wow that is great

Buy a house

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