All the Pointy Things Anytime Tournament Champion!

The most recent All The Pointy Things Steemmonsters anytime tournament has just completed and I am very pleased to have emerged as the champion!

Screenshot 183.png

These anytime tournaments are quick and fun to play, and winning one has only increased my enjoyment of them. It often takes a perfect record to win, and often that doesn't even guarantee you first place. This tournament had 9 players going 19-0! I was lucky to have the highest tiebreaker score to finish in first place. I would like to congratulate all the other undefeated players, and everyone else who participated as we are all winners when we play this great game.

If you haven't been playing these anytime tournaments, I highly recommend you check them out. This great format allows you to set your line ups on your own schedule and saves a lot of time. There are many more great tournaments on the schedule. Steemmonster tournaments have awarded a whopping $124,431 to this date! This is surely a good incentive to play!

Thanks for reading. See you on the battlefield!

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