What is the worst card in STEEM-Monsters? Answer & win Beta-Booster!

in steemmonsters •  4 months ago

Last week I have asked you what card you think is the best card at the moment. Now I want to know the opposite - What is the worst card at the moment?

My own answer to this question might surprise you - for me it is a legendary card - the Frost Giant.


I think this is the only legendary card I haven't seen being used in serious play during the first season. The main reason in my eyes is the horrible speed value of 1! Combined with no protection against Magic-attacks or a Heal function, the Giant will be dead on a regular basis without having striked even once. Two or more rounds of a strike seem almost impossible in most games at the top level. The card is actually so bad in my eyes that I am not even sure it would be played with a 5 or 6 mana cost - but 7 is definitely way too high. The card reminds me of those 10/10 MTG cards that look good but are way to slow in competitive games.

What do you think, what's the worst card for you? Post your answer in the comments, the three best ones will win a Beta Booster each!

Of course we also have to resolve last week's giveaway. Here are the winners:

@hhh-fan - @rentmoney - @magicquokka

Congratulations and good luck with the booster - it has been sent already :)

See yall on the virtual battlefield and hopefully some of you guys in Krakow!

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Peaceful Giant because he has no abilities, no possibilities to attack and quite high mana costs

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For me it's the Cocatrice. With only a melee attack and a damage value of 1, this card doesn't do enough damage to opponents as it lacks a sneak or snipe. With such low health it relies too heavily on flight and dodge to avoid being taken out early by a single hit, despite it having good speed. To weak to be a tank and if it's put in 2nd position, susceptible to blast damage.


Lol, last week I praised Cocatrice as my personal favorit for the best card - But hey, opinions are different :D

The Peaceful Giant is for me one of the cards that I never used. It eats to much mana for only tanking. A lot used it in the no abilities event, but there have been some pretty good cards on attack that added would have brought more benefit.

In my experience, this is the worst card I have at the moment:


And if I look at the values of your card, then mine is even worse. :-)

Th shark never seems to do anything for me. Maybe I'm putting it in the wrong place. 😊

I would say the Minotaur warrior. While he was (before beta) my favorite card, he's just so weak as a tank compared to the other 4 from the Lyverian splinter you can use for a little more mana.

I'm disappointed with the "peace bringer" card. It has NO special abilities, mediocre ranged attack and NO armor! What's the point? If you level him way up, he'll have a decent attack (4), but still no special abilities, no armor and average health. Bummer. I hope this card gets a boost someday.

(Or at least lower the Mana cost to 2 or something)

Greetings. I think that despite being sure it is worse: peaceful giant. But the creators must have some reason to create the letter.

Haunted Spider is the worst. It's slow, low health, and still 3 mana. No special abilities.


Oh man I love that card! Haha

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Completely agree with you, that card sucks!

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But not for long.

"The poor Cyclops is in need of a little love. He is always picked last for the Steem Monster Team in gym class...and then he throws a giant rock at your head. Hopefully this change will give him a home in some Teams going forward."

Source: https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@steemmonsters/steem-monsters-ranked-play-season-2-updates

Fair points regarding the Frost Giant, 1 speed is bad news!

I collected the fire splinter to start with, but at present I think they could well be the weakest. Not many top ranks use them.

Going down in health as the card goes up in level is pretty harsh...

So I'll pick this guy today :)

Crustacean King...
It has a low speed of '1' and every team i tried with it never won... Maybe its just because I have a low lvl card, but I feel it doesn't fit with any of the teams I try.

I think the Centaur is just bad. So far I can't think of a situation where I would prefer the card over others of same mana... I don't have a Selenia Sky though, the +1 ranged DMG might change my point of view^^

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Excellent question. Even more difficult! And great choice!
Thanks for the pack!
Screen Shot 11-04-18 at 01.19 AM.PNG

I checked the market today. Interesting to see that it values Enchanted Pixie even higher than Cocatrice currently.

Medusa took a huge hit with the last change from 7 to 3 health on lvl1. She is pretty bad now. But probably still not too bad to be last place.

I think a bit it depends on the level of the cards you play as well. E.g. Crustacean healing the tank for 2 I find rather great at lvl1 :D.

What I see is, some classes have a lot of tanks. So much that the weakest ends up not being played although the stats aren't that bad. But one of the other tanks ends up being used first always.
Malric has a lot but there it doesn't look so bad.

Minotaur Warrior, Animated Corpse and Grumpy Dwarf look like that to me.
I choose Grumpy Dwarf (over Minotaur).
In an all position melee or a total neutral battle it somehow could maybe become a useful card though.

i would say the goblin shaman is my least favorite card now at least at low level because all it dose is weaken and witch now just takes away one health that they get back as soon as the shaman is killed, which usually happens quite quickly. he is slightly worse then the other weaken cards because of his higher mana cost.

im with you :D frost giant!

I've actually had no luck with the angel of light. not sure why.

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Feral Spirit... really.. that cat dies faster than I feel like having a relationship.

This is the most worst card for me until now


Cyclops I think

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