The Ultimate Stratytorial Part 1 - A comprehensive battle guide for Steem Monsters!

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If you have been active on the STEEM blockchain in the last months, it is almost impossible to not have heard something about the trading card game SteemMonsters which has been fascinating people since it's launch back in May 2018.

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At least since the automated tournaments have been introduced a little over two weeks ago, Steem Monsters really has turned into quite a competitive game, as players are fighting for hundreds of STEEM and other prizes every day. So far, way over 5000$ worth in prizes have been given out to players - and this is just the beginning!

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Even though some cards are way more powerful that others, it is not enough to just own good cards to be good at the game. You need to know how to use your Monsters and Summoners, if you want to secure your share of the huge prizepools.

In order to help you guys understand the game and it's tactics a little better, ultimately making you a better player with a better shot at some prizes, I have created a comprehensive Stratytorial (=Strategy-Tutorial) for the game I love. Although there definitely are at least a few players that are better than me at the top level, I was able to collect hundreds of STEEM in prizes especially in the lower leagues, qualifiying me for giving such instructions.

The Stratytorial basically consists of some general tips and tricks first, followed by a detailed look at the 15 different rulesets of the game. But enough talking now, let's get started!

1. Focus on one target area!
If you already are playing the game or at least have read the "How to play" section on, you should be aware of the fact that there are three different attack types of attacking: Melee-, Ranged- and Magic-Attacks! While it may be enough to know HOW monsters attack for your first few battles, it becomes important to know WHERE your monsters attack, if you want to take your game to the next level.

Without any extra abilities or special rulesets, monsters always attack the monster your enemy has standing at his front position. However, there is a way to get around those usually strong tank monsters in the front, if you are deciding to send monsters with the abilities "Sneak" (the last monster of your opponent gets attacked) or "Snipe" (The first Magic- or Ranged-Attack monster in the second row gets aimed at) onto the battlefield.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-12 um 06.11.19.png

In theory, it does of course sound smart to avoid the strong tanks at your opponents front in every way possible - In practice however, you need to act coordinated, rather than shooting around in the area without a concrete plan.

In my eyes, one of the key things to look at when setting up your team, is the focus on one attack vector! This sounds awfully complicated, but in principle only means that you should focus on one target out of your opponents line-up. Usually it is particularly bad to send a mix of "Sneak" and "Snipe" monsters into the arena. In most cases it is best to just use some normal monsters attacking the front, combined with a maximum of one other attack vector, meaning EITHER "Sneak" OR "Snipe" monsters as an addition. I have digged out an example fight (Silver League) to help me illustrate my point:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-04 um 11.47.00.png

watch the battle

While @taug is focusing on the opponents back with two "Sneak" monsters, @tufkat is attacking a little everywhere with his mix of both a "Sneak" and a"Snipe" monster. And even though @tufkat is using one more mana resource, he will loose this battle in almost every case. The result would be even more clear if @taug would be using the remaining mana for a "Creeping Ooze".

Under certain circumstances it may even make sense to completely fight without monsters with those special abilities, for example when you want to kill your opponents strong tank as fast as possible. That's what I did with @tufkat in a recent Diamond level tournament against @holger80:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-04 um 11.59.10.png

watch the battle

As you can see, @tufkat's whole line-up is focused on taking down the enemy tank as quickly as possibly. In this match, this strategy worked out perfectly, @holger80's "Haunted Spirit" was dead before he even was able to join the action.

I hope you now get the point, that less attack targets are better in a lot of cases ;)

2. Use (Self-)"Healing" abilities especially in the lower leagues!

A short but important tip: Especially in the lower leagues, monsters with (self-) "Healing" abilities are the key to victory! While attack values and other abilities drastically get reduced from the Champions league down to the low ranks, the healing abilities stay almost as effective regardless of the league. One of the prime examples is the "Flesh Golem" out of the "Earth" splinter:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-12 um 09.42.36.png

While the attack value doubles up and "Void" gets added as an ability when leveling the "Flesh Golem"from three to nine, the health points and therefore the healing ability as well stay exactly the same. However, pretty much all opponent "Melee" and "Ranged" attack monsters on level eight will have way more attack than on level three, taking down the "Flesh Golem" way easier up in level nine (opponents "Magic" attack values will rise as well, however that is compensate with the Golem's added "Void" ability)

It gets especially effective when a monster with "Self-Heal" like the "Flesh Golem" gets combined with a "Tank-Heal" monster like the "Wood Nymph" - a very tough front to get through in the lower leagues. In the green "Earth" splinter it is even possible to get three healers - put the "Flesh Golem" in front and support him with the "Wood Nymph" plus the legendary "Spirit of the Forest". As the amount the gets healed is calculated as a percentage of the starting life points a monster has in a fight (AFTER calculation of summoners effect's + abilities!), it is very effective to use summoners who raise the health like "Lyanna Natura" or monsters who raise the health like the blue "Sea Genie".

3. The lower the league is, the more important are the summoners!

As you all know, your summoners (expect the epic 2-mana-summoners from the Beta Edition) have either positive effects on your own or negative effects on your opponents monsters. While in total numbers those effects are as powerful in the higher leagues as they are in the low ones, the story is a totally different one when you look at it in relative numbers. To demonstrate what I mean, let's take a closer look at one of the most popular summoners in the game, the legendary "Selenia Sky" and her effect to boost all own "Ranged" attack values by one point. As an example for a "Ranged" attack monster, we will use the neutral "Centaur" and see how it get's effected by the "Selenia Sky's" ability.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-04 um 12.53.13.png

You don't need to have a doctor's degree in Mathematics to see, that at level one the "Selenia Sky's" ability leads to a 100% gain in attack strength, while it only leads to a 33% gain at level ten.

Therefore the selection of the right summoner is especially important in the lower leagues. In theory, mistakes like using "Selenia Sky" in the "Broken Arrows" mode (no "ranged" monsters allowed there) are way worse in the Silver league than in the Diamond league.

Unfortunately this also leads to the topic, that the new legendary summoners with there heavy field effects are extremely powerful in the lower leagues and it is almost impossible to win tournaments down there without having them in your deck. This is not exactly perfect in my eyes, as those summoners are too expensive for most new players in those leagues. Fortunately, a new option has been released yesterday, allowing users to create tournaments where no legendary cards are allowed.

Besides those general tips and tricks, there are of course many more detailed hints for the fourteen special rulesets besides the "Standard" one. Those tips and tricks will be part of the second "Stratytorial" which will be released on my profile in the next days!

I hope those tips will help you to become a better Steem Monsters fighter on the virtual battlefield. Good luck with using those hints in the tournaments and in the league! It's worth it, over 5000$ in prizes are waiting in the next days and weeks! For more information about the upcoming tournaments, you can check the following post published on the official @steemmonsters account yesterday: $5000 paid out through tournaments!!!


If you ask me, we are just at the beginning! Upcoming updates like the possibility of card-delegation and more will definitely give the game even more boost! Big tournaments and much more fun will follow! And I will be there - so watch out! :P


P.S: Meanwhile, the two other parts have been created as well:
The Ultimate Stratytorial Part 2 - A guide through the Steem Monsters rulesets!
The Ultimate Stratytorial Part 3 - A guide through the Steem Monsters rulesets!


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I accept donnations lol

What is the benefit of surrendering and in what situations does it make sense to surrender?

Some really good insights here that will go along way in helping newer players, thanks for this! and re-steem'd!

Great write up. I think it will help a lot of players.

Although there are endless ways to play the game, watching the top players - they usually play the following principles as their core:

  • play ranged attack to avoid magic reflect or thorns and retaliate.
  • play double attack (double snipe, double sneak).
  • counter a double attack (eg. turtle/friendly giant/hydra at the back to counter sneak).
  • increase your speed or reduce opponents speed.

In my opinion anyway the top players utilise the above. After that it's basically scissors paper rock when 2 top players face off. Players not following these core principles get smashed most times.

Thanks 😀

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Glad at least someone else is sharing my opinion about the legendary summoners unbalancing the game, lol. I was too quick publishing my post yesterday - I didn't know they were working on a solution... :0)

Glad I took your advice in the SM Discord and came over to this post while waiting for Matt to fix the site.

When Steemmonsters got started, I expected I would never be able to understand the game. Over the months, I have learned a lot, and I'm still learning every day. Only recently I realized I had been neglecting the power of the double sneak/double snipe ability.

So I try to pay more attention to it, although I often forget. Old habits are hard to break. :0)
(It's probably one of the reasons you are one of the few players I meet in Silver/Gold tourneys that I haven't been able to beat yet, lol)

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It's much easier to relate with these moves and analysis with such maxed cards, but very harder to relate with low ranked cards.

All the same, the analysis is dope and the strategy makes a lot of sense.

Do you think the game needs more marketing though?

Best post

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First time here and first time knowing about this game , thats pretty cool !

While I am really looking forward to the card delegations I have my doubts it will get much action but I am happy to be proven wrong.

Nevertheless very well and detailed written guide.

Hm, i think that those delegations definitely could be interesting. I guess a good player from a poor country who can win some STEEM on a regular basis is well of with doing a 50/50 deal with an investor who doesn't want to play himself.

so basicly staking...

this could in fact be interesting

True, you come from poker, I remember :)

I think it is even a little bit better than staking, since there is little to know risk of getting bribed, since the one who gets delegated the cards to him can't steal them since he never owns them.

and you cant loose money only time and other opportunities.

but you need to provide a full set I think as you want your horses to have all deck building options...but I guess this would be a best case scenario and you can go other ways as well...but yes interesting thought for sure

No reason why you should not be able to delegate "only" a gold or silver deck - there are a lot of tournaments to played on that level as well.

I think I should unleash the monsters again