I Got My First Legendary! SteemMonsters

What a crazy day! I spent the afternoon neck deep in snow, sipping tea by the space heater and trading crypto while playing SteemMonsters. The Dood can multi-task :)

When I woke up this morning I checked on my daily SteemMonsters challenge. I had to win 5 battles with the Earth Splinter. Well, I discovered yesterday that once you start getting up in the higher leagues if you haven't leveled up your cards you're going to take some extreme butt kicking. I made it up to the silver leagues and not being a guy that likes getting his butt kicked all day I decided to level up a bunch of cards.

I already have a decent amount of my Fire Splinter to level 2. So today I focused on the Earth Splinter. I spent a little more than usual too. It seems my Steemit posts will be paying for my SteemMonsters addiction :) So this morning I leveled up my Stone Splitting Orc, Rexxie, Goblin Sorcerer, Minotaur Warrior, Lyanna Natura, the Flesh Golem, and also my Pit Ogre from the Fire Splinter. I'm really glad I did too. For the most part, I was able to compete in the higher leagues without much trouble. I suppose it helps too when you understand the rules :)

When my quest was fulfilled I clicked on my treasure chest to claim my reward and discovered two cards waiting for me. The first one was another Creeping Ooze. The second one, however, was my first Legendary! A Ruler Of The Seas. It's part of the Water Splinter and has a 3 speed, a 2 magic, 5 life, 6 mana, and the blast ability. Can't wait to try it out in battle.

Well, that's it for today's SteemMonsters Quest report. See you on the battlefield!


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I've not seen that card yet. I'm struggling to get beyond bronze

It starts getting really hard once you get up into the higher levels. You start seeing all kinds of weird cards too. Do what you can to level up your cards. It helps a lot.

I may just see what cards I win this time and then level up in the next season. I'm n lot looking to spend a lot on the game

I think I'm doing the same thing today. Getting ready to log on now. Try to complete my daily quest with what I have, then see what cards I get from the league rewards. Hope you get some good ones! I got my fingers crossed for both of us.

On bronze it's a lot of effort to win one more card. I need one more victory with water this time, but I don't do a quest every day.

Update: Well I just won this!

Nice one! Congrats

Only worth 8c :)

Well it looks cool :)

LOL, nope... I ended up buying some! I needed a few to build the death splinter up. That's my quest for the day. Hopefully, I can compete. I only had 3 cards that were at level 3, so I bought a few.