Steem Monsters Daily Card Giveaway #7 No Resteem No Upvote No Follow

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Hello Friends,
7th Steem Monsters Daily Card Giveaway In which you can win @SteemMonsters card by only commenting nothing else No Resteem No Upvote No Follow.
Participating Window = 7 days. Before this post payout. And the Card will be send after post payout.



You only have to do is write your Steem name in comments.
Then by polling, I will send Card to the winner after post payout.

Tadays Card

Sabre Shark.png

Good Luck

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@niallon11 Let's see what happens.

You got voted by @votefun thanks to TalhaTariq. To support development, check out Rishi556. Hosted on the @cryptowithincin discord.

The winner is @noekie Congratulations 🎆@noekie I had sent the card to you. 🎁Sabre Shark.png
Thanks all participants for participating 😃

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