Grumpy Dwarf Common Neutral Monster Card

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Dear Steemmonsters players, I am telling you about Grumpy Dwarf Common Neutral Monster Card what is in Neutral element. This card is very well plays and it has enough abilities. If you like to play steemmonsters you should keep this card in death elemental because it plays very important role to defeat opposite player.


Grumpy Dwarf Common Neutral Monster Card

This card plays good to defeat opposite player I always select into middle. This card surely plays well in the last position because it's hit the first position card of opposite player.

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And now at a glance I am showing it's abilities:


It's my Level 1 card, It has 4 Mana cost, It has 2 attack speed, It has 1 malee attack, It has 2
health, It has 1 armor after starts battle. This is a card that is can't heal himself in the battle.

Sometimes it able to malee attack in the battle but it can be decrease or increase any time in the battle.

Selling In The Market:


This card also selling in the market at best cheapest rate. You can buy it any time for paying with it. But you got it in first starter pack.

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Totally this is nice monsters card in death element it also cheaper in the card market.You can buy now it from the market without any hesitation.

It takes 52 card for making Level 6 it will up to level 6 soon by me.

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