Announcement of giveaway #100 [Epic card]

in #steemmonsters5 years ago

This is a special epic steemmonster card giveaway as it's my 100th giveaway post. So there will be some change of rule. Please read and then comment

Announcement of giveaway #100

Element : Fire
Edition : Reward
Type : Monster
Rarity : Common

How to get this card?

What you have to do is-

  • Leave a comment with your steemmonster username and also mention three of your friend to participate.
  • Resteem this post so that other's can join.
  • Upvote is not required but appreciated.
  • Comments on this post until the age hits 24 hours will be considered as a valid request for participation.
  • After 24 hours, i will pick up all of the usernames from comment and randomly pick a username and select winner. I will be doing an announcement on comment after sending the card to the winner.
  • User commenting more than one, will be disqualified.

You can join my discord server where you can get cheap card notification of steemmonsters card. You can send the amount to this account to get 3% discount. This is valid for all other cards as well, just send required amount to svirus with valid memo. Don't worry, you will get refund in case you do mistake or card is not available

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