Steem Monsters | Team For Climbing Low Ranks | Tips and Tricks

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First ever steem monsters video where I explain my best team to climb through the lower ranks.

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This is awesome! Just played 10 games and lost all ten on my second account and used this team and won my first game haha!

Haha, Im wanting more people to be able to watch my videos and find them useful and hopefully start to understand how different combination of cards work well together

This is so cool. I gave my promo card to my son @cyantmr and this will be really helpful to him. He signed up yesterday but I don’t think he’s played yet. I just bought him a battle pack for Fortnite so he might take a few days to get to Steem Monsters. Hit him up and maybe help him out once he gets going.

Nice! I will definitely help him out when he gets started, maybe he can start making content about it as well and start to build up his own community!

Sure! whenever you're ready 🤔

*battle pass

This loadout is great! In spite of the lower mana cap that I have right now (19 instead of 22) it was still very powerful. The haunted spirit's self-heal was extremely helpful!

I'm glad you like it! I haven't really gotten around to making a video for the new conflict yet but I'm planning on having one out by tomorrow even though there will only be a few hours left, but if thhis team is continuing to work keep going at it!

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