The New Steem Monsters Conflict Is Hard !!!

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The New Steem Monsters Conflict Is Hard !!!

So... The new Steem Monsters conflict has arrived and I’m really struggling with it. The new conflict is called Melee Mayhem. Basically, all of the melee attack characters are able to attack from all positions, not just the front. Also the mana has been reduced to 17.

This has proven to be very difficult for me as the conflict which I began playing on I decided to level up lots of my magic and ranged characters which don’t work to well within this conflict

I will be doing an update post soon hopefully explaining how I am going to get around this issue

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to upvote, comment and resteem to support my content


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I upvoted you, so that in a week you will have one more card available to purchase :)

Fire + Malric Inferno tends to work well in this particular conflict. Having a second creature (with Trample) also works wonders in this conflict, but not so much in this mana cap.

I know that Malric Inferno is pretty decent but I only started playing two days ago and kinda invested everything towards the earth set of cards so it's kinda hard now im up in the 3000's :)

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