[Steemmonsters] - Daily quest are now active

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Hello guys, I just want to give you a quick update. We got some great news, @steemmonsters now has daily quests.


You need to win 10 times with fire summoner. I did it and get this awesome free pack ( See the screenshot ) with a nice roll - One gold epic card ( worth 5$ in the market )

I sacrifice some ranks to win 10 times because my fire team is not so good but the result is nice.

So what you waiting for, come to join in the battle. ( i really hate @therealwolf today he beat me to many times :))

Join the game with my referral link - https://steemmonsters.com?ref=suggeelson

Thank you for your time - @suggeelson

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nice GZ!

Thanks @freddio

Hehe. Don't worry, my code won & lost against you. I had the pleasure of seeing the statistics and theorising how to counter your counters. :P

I think the people who use @holger80 script is match in priority :D